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What you need to know about carbon credits

Carbon Credits: the power of the Market to achieve net zero and climate justice Carbon credits use the power of markets to protect the planet and fight climate change. They reduce global emissions, improve people's livelihoods, and protect the planet. Carbon credits are a mechanism aimed at mitigating the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on [...]

Who Has the Cheapest Electricity Rates Per kWh?

What is considered the cheapest electricity rates per kWh in Texas will vary depending on who is purchasing the electricity, when they’re buying it, how much of it they plan to use, and during what times. Residential and commercial rates are naturally different, but other components are driving the cost of electricity that will affect [...]

How to Get Lower Electric Bills

If your electric bill is rising, you’re not alone. Millions of Texans have experienced a troublesome surge in energy prices. This issue started since 2020 and is making Texans wonder how to get lower electric bills. There are several reasons your electric bill may have risen over the last few years. Many of them, like inflation [...]

How to Read Your Electricity Bill in Texas

Understanding how to read your electricity bill in Texas is easier said than done. Besides the main $/kWh rate, you may find other kinds of charges listed on the same bill. Understanding your Texas electricity bill can help you ensure that you’re being charged fairly. We’ll explain how to read your energy bill and some of the [...]

How to Compare Electricity Rates in Texas

Shopping to compare electricity plans and rates in Texas is not as simple as checking for the lowest price per kWh. If you assume that your bill will be the cheapest with those advertised prices, you might make a mistake. Aside from the types of rates available, there are other things you’ll want to think about. This [...]

Texas Electricity Prices by Zip Code

Your zip code is everything when it comes to the options, you’ll have available when comparing cheap electricity plans in Texas. For example, there are only five utility companies (referred to as TDSPS or TDUs) in the state of Texas, and they do not generally overlap. You also won’t have a choice in what generators [...]

A Comprehensive List of all Electric Companies in Texas

Here it is, the list of all electric companies in Texas! Texas’ deregulated energy market means anyone can create their own retail electric provider (REP). The vast list of providers in Texas Electricity Market is proof of this. Many companies in Texas have invested heavily in renewable energy. We’ve included a list of green companies that can [...]

What is the Cheapest Electricity Company in Texas?

 If you're a Texas homeowner, then you know that finding the cheapest electricity company can be a real challenge. With so many options to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. But don't worry—we're here to help. In this blog post, we'll break down the things you need to know in Texas so [...]

Texas Top 10 Electric Companies (2022)

Congratulations to the Texas Top 10 electric companies! This list recognizes their excellence and helps you narrow down your choices when looking for the best electric provider in Texas With more that 140 retail electricity providers registered in the state, Texans have a lot to choose from. And having competition is great because it drives [...]

Which is the Best Energy Plan in Texas?

If you’re new to Texas Energy Market or shopping for cheap electricity or think that you might be paying too much for your electric bill, then you’re probably wondering how to find the best energy plan in Texas. As we’ve suggested before, looking for the cheapest electricity rates in Texas can be complicated. The good news [...]

How to Choose Energy Plans in Texas?

The Texas electricity market is deregulated, meaning consumers can choose a plan that meets their unique needs. Unfortunately, narrowing down the best energy plan from the thousands on offer is only sometimes straightforward. If you're feeling overwhelmed and confused about the many types of plans and rates available in the market, you're not alone. Millions [...]

The Basic of Texas Energy Plans in Texas

Whether you're living in a home or apartment, shopping for an energy plan in Texas is an excellent opportunity to save some money as a consumer. There are only a few other places besides Texas where the consumer has so many flexible choices regarding energy plans. Some plans can save you money by using a [...]

How to Do a Home Energy Audit

Did you know? About 30 percent of the energy used in homes is wasted. This means that if you become more energy efficiency just bills will drop big time. You may have heard about energy audits and how beneficial they can be for your home... and it's true! A home energy audit involves analyzing your energy usage. [...]

How to Find the Best Energy Rates in Texas

Finding the best electricity rates in Texas should be easy, but as we know it is not.  Living in areas of Texas where electricity is deregulated means you have the power to choose who to buy the light you use from. This comes with its advantages, but also its drawbacks. On the one hand, having [...]

Texas Electricity Price Forecast

Texas electricity providers are warning customers that the high rates could linger for months or longer. Read on this Texas Electricity Prices Forecast to learn what is behind and what to expect? Texans are seeing skyrocketing home electric bills this summer, with many customers paying 50%, 60% and even 70% more than they did for [...]

Why are Texas Electricity Prices so high?

Did you know that electricity prices in Texas have hit a record high? Reports show that Texans are paying 50% more than they usually pay during such a time. And residents are feeling the effects of high Texas electricity prices. Normally, electricity prices tend to rise in July and August. But this kind of spike is never [...]

Understanding Inflation and Coping with its Effect in Prices

Simply put, inflation is like shrinking your money and your financial power.  Read on to learn more about it and find ways to save money in this though environment. Did you know that experts project that inflation will continue across the world for the foreseeable future? Since inflation in the United States is higher than it's been for [...]

July Record Temperatures In Texas

Did you know that the hottest temperature ever recorded in Texas was 120 degrees? While that record has occurred in August and June, July is another month where Texans can see near-record temperatures. When dealing with temperatures above 100 degrees, extreme caution must be taken. This includes taking steps to prevent power outages and how [...]

Comprehensive Hurricane Preparedness Guidelines

Information and Preparedness are vital elements during hurricane season. The country is still enduring the aftermath of hurricane Ida and now getting ready for Nicholas. We are keeping a close eye and encourage those in its potential path to do the same. Tropical storm Nicholas is forecast to approach the middle Texas Coast as a [...]

What Is Difference Between Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency?

Did you know that energy conservation and energy efficiency are different things? When it comes to energy - and especially green energy - there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. Unless you're an expert, it can be difficult to keep up with all the terms. If you're not sure what the difference is between [...]

Texas Winter Storm: Tips to Stay Safe & Warm

You’ve probably heard abut Texas Winter Storm. There is a winter weather advisory for most of Texas.   On Friday, Texas Governor, Greg Abbot, issued a disaster declaration for all 254 counties given the winter storm’s unprecedented nature in Texas history. Mr. Abbot reminded Texans that the state “is facing a very dangerous winter storm over the [...]

Martin Luther King: a pioneer for climate justice

This article reflects on the parallels between the civil rights and climate change and celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King climate justice pioneer & champion. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday is January 15th. In 1983, the US Congress made the celebration of his birthday a federal holiday. However, the holiday effectively occurs every year on [...]

New Year Resolutions: 8 Great Tips to Achieve them

According to research, over 80% of people fail to meet their New Year's resolutions or goals, as soon as the second week of February. Setting new Year's resolutions can feel like an exciting and promising experience, yet when they do not happen, it might make you feel disempowered or hopeless. There are numerous reasons why [...]

Beware of Energy Vampires This Halloween

Watch out for energy vampires! They may not dress up in a costume, but they're scary none-the-less. These vampires are responsible for excess energy consumption, and they do it right under your nose! Welcome to the season for everything pumpkin, including breakfast cereal, kettle corn, and, wait for it— marshmallows. And you thought the little [...]

17 Sustainable Development Goals SDG’s

September is the 5th anniversary of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDG's. These goals represent a means of reimagining a world of economic growth, dignity, and justice for all. The SDG's are a blueprint for achieving more equitable human prosperity in harmony with the planet. Providing better access to affordable and clean energy [...]

Tips and Tricks to Finding the #1 Electricity Plan in Texas

Texas has become the hottest-ever state in the entire US. Its summer temperatures, after all, usually go beyond 100°Fahrenheit. Most rankings of the hottest US cities also always include many Texas cities and towns. This USA Today list, for instance, revealed how 16 of the hottest cities in the nation are in the Lone Star State. The thing is, [...]

The Best Way to Find the Right Electricity Plan

Looking for the Best Way to Find the Right Electricity Plan? The key is to customize it based on your actual usage patterns. This is the way to obtain the lowest total cost and avoid irritating surprising Texas-size bills. It`s time to use your power to choose wisely. Despite energy consumers having the Power to [...]

What is an Energy Matching Score and Why it Matters?

The matching score is defined as the personalized score that indicates your compatibility level with the available energy plans. This matching score will be different for different users and is calculated by EnerWisely's unbiased calculation engine Energy MatchMaker.    How is the energy matching score generated?  EnerWisely offers the knowledge and tools to make the [...]

Does My Electricity Consumption Generate Carbon Emissions?

Do you know that depending on the fuel used to generate it, the electricity that we use in our houses can generate carbon emissions? Therefore we must understand how we use that energy to control not only our cost but also these carbon emissions. This is step in the right direction to move ahead, creating [...]

Compare Power Rates in Texas

Texas has many different energy companies, and all of them provide different energy plans. When you compare power rates in Texas to choose one among so many can feel a little overwhelming. While electricity providers and create any type of competitive rates, these are the four most common types of plans offered in the market. [...]

How to Find the Cheapest Energy Rates in Texas?

Want to know how to get the cheapest energy rates in Texas? This blog is for you. Keep reading and learn the best ways to make sure that you're always getting the best deals. Ever since Texas, the electricity market deregulation in 2002, Texans have used their power to choose to look for the best [...]

Cheap Electricity Companies in Texas

Ever since Texas became energy deregulated, there has been a surge in the number of electricity providers. If you are looking for cheap energy companies, here are a few tips. All these companies, in order to lure the customers, come up with different plans based on popular customer choices. And this is good news for [...]

Save Money on Your Electricity Bill During the Pandemic

Save during the Pandemic in your electricity bill with EnerWisely. Humanity’s attempts at limiting the spread (or flattening the curve) of COVID-19 is changing families’ lives. State and local governments are advising people to work from home, avoid large gatherings, and practice good hygiene. During this time where everyone is feeling the pinch, learning how [...]

The key to unlock energy savings and lower your electricity bills

Your Energy consumption is as unique as you! As a proud Energy Star Partner, EnerWisely offers users online home energy efficiency audits. And your Home Energy Fingerprint is a personalized analysis of your energy use to help you maximize savings and reduce your impact on the planet. It includes easy to understand usage history, energy [...]

Electricity deregulation and its effect on Texas

What electricity deregulation does is allow consumers to choose their own electric company and encourage free-market competition. Texas moved to full electricity deregulation in 1999, splitting the power sector into three main components: generation providers, transmission owners, and retail companies. Today, the state is mostly a deregulated electricity market. However, there are still areas of [...]

What is a Smart Meter?

We all have those days when life gets hectic, and time flies. With so many things going on, one can forget whether or not you adjusted the settings in your home's thermostat. Then, when you receive an irritating high utility bill and have no idea how in the world you spent so much. The data [...]