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Looking for the Best Way to Find the Right Electricity Plan? The key is to customize it based on your actual usage patterns. This is the way to obtain the lowest total cost and avoid irritating surprising Texas-size bills. It`s time to use your power to choose wisely.

Despite energy consumers having the Power to Choose providers of retail electricity in Texas, most people aren’t taking full advantage. It is hard when you have too many choices and too little ways to personalize and find what works for you.

Your Power to Choose has Become A Power to Confuse.

Let’s be clear there are not good or bad electricity plans, but poor fit happens. A mismatch can cost you up to thousands of dollars more per year. So let`s look at the most common ways how people have traditionally made their electricity plans selections.

1. Websites that compare power & electricity plans are marketing machines but are in the dark ages.

In terms of technology, these sites are really behind. Showing only lists of fixed rates plans, variable rates plans, and filters.

The math used to “calculate” all-in cost is just a display of the cost that electricity providers already disclose. Which is given at three consumption levels, 500, 1000, and 1500 Kilowatt-hour. Once your energy use fluctuates between those three values, it is guesswork, and you are on your own.

Accordingly, while it is easy to find an electricity plan in those sites, finding the one that works can be hard. That is because they cannot account for your specific consumption variations. When you choose that way, it is likely to be lured by misleading low rates and gimmicky plans. So, you might end up with unexpected charges and high bills.

2. There are also paid switching services for a monthly subscription. 

Those companies promise to be on the lookout for the lowest electricity rate all the time. The access and sharing of your usage data while they search for low-cost plans is something to be aware of. Once you are in a plan, you will stay there for years while you keep paying your monthly subscription.

Plus, be aware, some energy companies own some of those sites. And guess what? The recommendation tends to favor their own plans. In other words, your subscription fee is really a surcharge on their plans plus there is a clear bias.

The apparent convenience comes at the extra cost of your data privacy, and lack of transparency about the selection process.

3. The neighbors, friends & family recommendations. 

We all have been there, asking or being asked about what electricity provider or electricity plan to use. This is an area in which some individuals have become experts. Some people have earned their stripes, know about the small print (Electricity Facts label), checked all the shopping sites, and even built massive spreadsheets.

Bless their hearts, when people make a recommendation, they really mean well. The problem is that each household’s electricity consumption is unique. In other words, a plan that works perfectly for them could be terrible for you.

That`s right, your energy use changes throughout the day, the days of the week, and the seasons. As this happens, that “special rule” in your electricity plan kicks in and, there they are, the unexpected texas size bills.

In other words, even with the best of intentions, choosing this way might lead you to a costly mismatch.

Stop Leaving Money on the table.

What is worse? You might be missing the forest for looking just at the trees!

The complexity of too many different types of plans, and the confusing websites to compare power and electricity plans, leads you at best to partial savings.

Finding that perfect electricity plan is essential. However, the reality is that if you are not looking beyond electricity plans and rates, you might be missing out on thousands of dollars in potentials savings.

When it comes to saving money, electricity plans and rates are just the tip of the iceberg. The really substantial savings might be out of sight without the right tools. They include things like energy inefficiency and wasteful leaks. These two factors can double or even triple your electricity bills.

The key to full savings is to customize your electricity plans. Use your power to choose to you pay only for what you need.    

Customize your electricity plan to find the needle in the haystack.

First, let’s look at how to have the peace of mind of knowing that you are choosing the right electricity plans for you.

Start by accessing your electricity meter data using a service compliant with DataGuard, the standard for energy data privacy. This way, you can rest assured that your data is never accessed, sold, or shared without your consent.

Next, make sure that your electricity plan recommendations are truly customized, considering your real usage instead of an average. As a result, you will avoid unexpected charges triggered by changes in your consumption over time.

There are hundreds of electricity plans available. It is critical to have a way to cut through the clutter and rank them based on how well they fit you. In other words, showing the lowest total cost, calculated based on your real usage and your goals.

So the answer to finding the best electricity plan for you is to customize based on your real usage patterns. Not only are you guaranteed to find the lowest total cost but, just as importantly, to avoid irritating surprise charges.

The best way to find the right electricity plan also maximizes your savings.

The good news is that there might be even bigger savings. Improving your energy efficiency and reducing wasteful leaks could reduce your electricity bills by half or even more.

Another less known fact about using electricity is the carbon emissions that it can generate. While people believe that power is always clean, it depends on the fuel used to produce it. As such, for example, an electric vehicle charged without renewable energy wouldn’t be all that clean, right?

So, make sure to know the carbon emissions associated with your personal use. Then, act on it, there are many things that you can do about it. In fact, when you eliminate waste and improve energy efficiency, you reduce your climate impact and Save Money at the same time.

So, when considering your options, use a service that helps you look at the full picture. When you understand your real energy cost, you can achieve your full savings potential.

In conclusion, the best way to find the right electricity plan is to customize and pay only for what you need.

We evaluated the free and paid options available to empower people’s power to choose in Texas. EnerWisely is the only one-stop service that checks all these boxes. From protecting your data’s privacy to turning it into your blueprint for monetary and environmental savings.

EnerWisely is the smart, easy & free service to customize your electricity plan and pay only for what you need.

Whether you’re customizing electricity plans, optimizing total cost to pay only for what you need, with EnerWisely, you got it!.

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