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Finding the best electricity rates in Texas should be easy, but as we know it is not.  Living in areas of Texas where electricity is deregulated means you have the power to choose who to buy the light you use from. This comes with its advantages, but also its drawbacks.

On the one hand, having too many options often confuses people. According to the Utility Commission (PUCT), there are hundreds of electric utilities in Texas, and thousands of electricity plans. What should be a great advantage for the consumer can end up being a headache.

Unfortunately, many light and comparison service companies have turned your power to choose into their power to confuse you.

To help reduce confusion and prevent costly mistakes from being made when choosing, we’ve written this guide. Read on to understand how to find the best electricity rates in Texas and reduce your bills.

How to distinguish between a good and a bad electricity rate?

In reality, there are no good light plans, no bad light plans. The thing is, not all plans work the same way for everyone. Therefore, the way to find the best electricity rates in Texas is to customize it to your specific usage profile.

Imagine, if you tried to buy some shoes and the seller did not ask you your size, or the type of footwear you are looking for? It would be crazy!

Well, equally, buying electricity without them understanding your consumption profile or the type of plan you prefer is a disaster.

Sadly, neither light companies nor most plan comparison services can analyze your home’s light usage history. And this is why many people end up paying two or three times more than the average price of energy.

So, make sure you use a service that has the right tools and analyze each plan based on your actual profile. This way you will have the confidence to find the best electricity rates, and the most compatible electricity plan with your profile.

Beware, a good light plan and a cheap price may not be the same

In the state of Texas, the terms of electricity rates and electricity plans can vary greatly. Light companies tend to be very creative and offer many options.

Here is a list of the most common types of electricity plans in Texas:

  1. Fixed light plans
  2. Variable light plans
  3. Light plans with free periods
    • Free nights
    • Free weekends
  4. Discounted light plans
  5. Prepaid plans
  6. Light plans with additional services

Just as not all light plans are created equal. Your energy consumption profile is as unique as you and your lifestyle. Your energy consumption is constantly changing, as the activities in your home change. In addition, it changes according to how many people are at home. And of course, it also changes according to the external temperature and how you use your appliances. So, you’ll want to make sure the light plan you choose fits your specific style and needs.

When comparing electricity rates in Texas, a common misperception is that the cheapest rates advertised are the best.  Actually, the best electricity rates are the ones that give you the lowest light bills and don’t give you those unexpected charges that are so irritating.

So again, the best light plan for you is the one that is compatible with your consumption profile. To find the ideal light plan, you need to use a personalized comparison service.

How can I determine my consumption profile to find the best power plan for me?

Choosing a light plan can feel daunting. And that’s why many people don’t change providers. When we don’t compare options, we lose savings opportunities.

But to compare and choose well, you must have the right tools. And it is true, there are people who have become experts in issues related to electricity rates and light plans. The good news is if you use a service that generates and analyzes your actual consumption profile, finding the best light plan is quick and easy.

Start with an online assessment of your energy usage, it’s easy, fast, and free. This will allow you to get your energy usage profile almost instantaneously. It’s also important that you know your home’s energy score on an easy-to-understand scale of one through ten. This indicator is simple but powerful to know how much the energy efficiency of your home and compare yourself with others in your area.

Can I consider my preferences when finding the best electricity rates in Texas?

Integrating your preferences is a super important step in finding the best light plan for you.  So you can receive personalized recommendations that adapt to your lifestyle, and the aspects you value most. Whether you want green energy from renewable sources, or long-term fixed rates for predictability, it’s all up to you. From the power source to the type of plan, to the duration of the contract, the power to choose is yours in Texas.

So, the next time you’re looking for the best electricity rates in Texas, simply opt for a personalized comparison of lightplans.  By finding the plan compatible with your home profile, you’ll get not only the lowest electricity price. You will also avoid those surprise charges and save more money on your electricity bill.  In other words, the power to choose is yours, use it wisely!

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