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Texas has become the hottest-ever state in the entire US. Its summer temperatures, after all, usually go beyond 100°Fahrenheit.

Most rankings of the hottest US cities also always include many Texas cities and towns. This USA Today list, for instance, revealed how 16 of the hottest cities in the nation are in the Lone Star State.

The thing is, such scorching temperatures always result in higher electricity bills. Super hot summer days, in turn, usually mean increased air conditioner use.

That’s why, as early as now, you should begin searching for the best electricity plan in Texas. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start saving with cheap electricity plans.

We’ll share with you some of the top tactics to secure the right plan, so be sure to read on.

Avoid the Traps That Come With the Power to Choose

Texans who live in deregulated areas of the state have the “power to choose.” This allows them to dictate who will supply their electricity. One of the goals of the energy market is to help the Lone Star State’s residents to save on energy.

The problem is that the abundance of Texas Electricity Rates has made things more complicated for a lot of Texans. Rather than being helpful, the power to choose has quickly become the “power to confuse.”

For one, Texas is home to hundreds of electric providers. There are thousands of electric choices in the state. They come in multiple and creative types of plans. For example, variable-rate plans, free nights, renewable energy, just to mention a few.

Electricity plan comparison sites, although not always bad, aren’t helping that much either. For starters, they use outdated technology. Most simply display the energy rates in your area and the utility company cost after you enter your zip code. Also, it is based on average consumption buckets. There is no real comparison there. Selecting plans using that approach might yield inaccurate results and surprise higher bills.

On that note, the best way to find the best electricity plan is to avoid these traps. Always keep in mind that your energy usage is as unique as your fingerprint. That’s why you need a customized plan comparison and not a general one.

A custom electricity plan recommendation takes into account your real energy use patterns. Therefore, it provides more accurate insights than standard comparison sites.

Determine Your Actual Energy Usage

Your household has a unique energy data usage profile. It is “unique” because your consumption differs from your neighbors. After all, you guys use different electronics, appliances, and gadgets for varying periods.

A such, to find the best electricity plan in Texas, you need to use your real usage data. You can do so the manual way, which is by monitoring your electricity meter. If you have a smart meter, you may be able to access the data online, via Smart Meter Texas’ website.

Or, you can simplify things by using a personalized intelligence energy platform. This allows you to determine what your household’s actual, unique real cost of energy. It won’t rely on just the “average” as this can be inaccurate, seeing as your usage varies hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Once you know what your actual energy data is, you can start shopping for plans that meet your price point.

Consider Plans for Future Energy-Related Home Additions

Before you switch to a new Texas electricity plan, be sure to factor in any planned home improvement. This is especially important if they will help boost your home’s energy-efficiency. The same goes if the additions to your home will trigger an increase in your electricity bills.

Let’s say you have plans of replacing an old air conditioner with a more energy-efficient one. If you go for a high-efficient AC, then you may be able to save anywhere from 20% to 40% on your cooling costs.

The thing is, even if a new AC can save you a lot, it may not do you any good if you switch to a balance bill electricity plan. As the term suggests, these plans charge you an average fixed amount each month of the contract.

If you go on such a plan prior to getting the new air conditioner, you’ll pay the same rate. This, in turn, may negate the savings that your new AC would’ve otherwise generated.

One way that this may occur is if you lock in a higher rate based on a higher kWh usage. Another is if the energy prices experience a downturn while you’re still on that type of plan.

That’s why it’s vital to consider your lifestyle and goals, too, before you go on a new electricity plan. Otherwise, you’re likely to miss out on a lot of savings and may even end up spending more.

Factor In Your Desired Term Length

Always keep in mind that some electricity companies charge early termination fees. They do this to customers who switch to a new plan before their current contract expires.

With that said, don’t let that prevent you from looking at the choices available. Often times, the savings of switching to the right plan offset and far exceed any potential fees.

Choose an Electricity Plan With Incentives for Going Green

Texas is now the leading state for Wind and the fifth-leading state for solar. Hundreds of clean energy companies calling Texas home. It has also invested an estimated $6,428.21 million on solar power.

Electricity companies like Bulb and Chariot Energy also offer money-saving deals for those who wish to go 100% renewable. So, now’s the best time to reduce your environmental impact.

However, be sure to choose an electricity provider who can make the switch easier on your pockets. Rebates, credit-backs, or net-metering programs are a few things to look for.

Find a Cheaper Electricity Plan in Texas Now

Your neighbors may tout their electricity plan as the “best,” but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for you. In short, the best electricity plan in Texas is one that satisfies and meets your specific needs. It’s a custom plan tailored to your unique energy data.

If you would like to maximize your power to choose in Texas, our team here at EnerWisely is ready to help. Visit EnerWisely to find the cheapest plan customized to your needs.

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