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September is the 5th anniversary of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDG’s.

These goals represent a means of reimagining a world of economic growth, dignity, and justice for all. The SDG’s are a blueprint for achieving more equitable human prosperity in harmony with the planet. Providing better access to affordable and clean energy is a crucial component to achieving them.

The world is currently on an unhealthy path. Markets and Investors are raising the bar and demanding more sustainable energy. But in reality, what is really catalyzing these changes is the rising power and voice of the energy consumer. People like you.

Consumers’ central role in the future of energy cannot be denied.

The increasing number of choices are reshaping their expectations and preferences. It is encouraging to see the growing number of consumer choices. This includes open energy markets, solar rooftops, micro-wind, electric vehicles, batteries, and smart devices.

However, we must not forget some harsh realities. Almost one billion people still lack electricity access in the world. At the same time, most of us, lack the tools to understand how we use energy. As a result, we can’t optimize the cost and the resulting climate impact.

Individual households generate between 19.3 to 91.5 tons of CO2 annually, depending on income level in the US. With wealthier families having a larger carbon footprint. Residential and commercial buildings produce more than a quarter of the world’s total carbon emissions. Learning to use energy while emitting fewer emissions is crucial.

Balancing the equation of equitable global prosperity, energy abundance, and climate change is an immense challenge. It requires a systems approach that takes into account the real cost of energy. The good news is that in the end, systems are made of people. As energy consumers, we all can make a difference in our daily lives.

 Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can

Guided by the belief that the future of energy is human, in 2018, Quantum New Energy was born. Our mission is to empower people, and organizations to understand and take action for their climate impact. Our platform EnerWisely offers an energy audit based on real data and helps users make daily life smart energy choices to reduce costs and cut carbon emissions.

Our values and our work support the SDG’s. We proudly partner and support organizations that share the same purpose. And we are actively expanding those partnerships. Most importantly, we are committed to making our energy innovations accessible to everyone.

Here are some highlights of the work we do and how it supports specific SDG’s.

 GOAL 1: No Poverty

  • A key aspect of ending poverty is to address situations that compromise people’s ability to access clean energy. First, a lack of awareness about the choices available. Second, limited ability to benefit from them. Third, the ability to pay also plays a role.
  • Entirely free for households, EnerWisely, helps transform usage data into energy intelligence.
  • With this knowledge, people can make more informed choices in their daily lives. Therefore, they can reduce costs and cut carbon impact.

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

  • The cleanest and cheapest energy is that which isn’t wasted. Improving energy conservation is key to lowering costs and emissions.
  • EnerWisely is an Energy Star partner and offers 100% online free energy efficiency assessments for Texas households.
  • Users can easily identify leaks, waste, and opportunities to reduce energy. Also, they can see how much money could be saved by using appliances with better energy efficiency.
  • This covers the things that use most of the energy including light bulbs, heating, and cooling, etc.

GOAL 10: Reduced Lack of equality

  • Lack of equality occurs on multiple levels, from racial to gender-based. Promoting Energy equality is a way to make a difference.
  • 14% of Texas people live below the poverty line, and 42% make less than the living cost.
  • That hardship has a greater impact on communities of color and minorities.
  • EnerWisely is an inclusive energy management platform bilingual in English and Spanish.

 GOAL 13: Climate Action

  • Addressing climate change requires three fundamental steps: Understand, Act & Track

1)     Understanding the impact our choices have on the environment. EnerWisely helps users calculate their carbon emissions, building this essential awareness.

2)    Acting wisely, which includes thoughtfully choosing products and daily actions. For example, in Texas, there are more than a thousand electricity plans. EnerWisely simplifies the analysis evaluating energy costs, emissions, and the match with users goals in just minutes.

3) Staying on track. As a personalized energy management platform, EnerWisely helps users monitor and compare progress between time periods and against goals

GOAL 17: Partnerships to Achieve the Goals

  • Only 18% of concerned citizens act to remedy global issues. This lack of participation doesn’t signal apathy. But it does point to the lack of tools empowering societal engagement.
  • Our mission is to empower everyone to take action for their own climate impact. From offering energy education and promoting dialog, to providing actionable tools, you can count on us. While small, these contributions are mighty as they shape our values and our culture. Together we can support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDG’s. Help improve today’s chances and future generations’ long-term ability.

Learn more about EnerWisely and join the movement. It can help your household and your organization benefit and be a positive change agent. Together, we can!

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