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Want to know how to get the cheapest energy rates in Texas? This blog is for you. Keep reading and learn the best ways to make sure that you’re always getting the best deals.

Ever since Texas, the electricity market deregulation in 2002, Texans have used their power to choose to look for the best and cheapest energy plans for their homes and businesses.
Deregulation and the competitive market allows Texas energy companies to create their specific electricity rate structures and rates. This situation has lead to high competition among energy companies, who all struggle to gain as many customers as possible.

While most electricity providers have the customers’ best interest at heart, others take advantage of the deregulation. They create plans that sound like great deals but don’t work for most consumers as their usage patterns change over time. With so many providers and some gimmicky options, finding the electricity plan has become confusing and frustrating for most people.


Texas Electricity Plans & Providers

There are over +100 retail electricity providers. You can go to Power to Choose and see plans from all these companies. However, be aware that the experience can be overwhelming. There is a reason why Power to Choose was called Power to Confuse.

The better choice is to use a smart shopping tool like EnerWisely to find the cheapest plan automatically based on your consumption. Compare cheap energy companies and get the best deal Quick, Easy & Free!

Here is a list of some of the top Texas Electric companies. Click in the link to read reviews and see if they might be right light company for you.

To learn more about Texas Electricity Plans, read our ultimate guide. Learn everything there is to know and save money.

Understanding the impact to your electricity plan selection in your carbon footprint

Increasingly people are becoming aware of the environmental impact of their choices. That’s why, EnerWisely also offers a free online carbon footprint assessment. When you take into account your carbon emissions, and the effective electricity rates, then you can understand your real energy cost.


Don’t let your power to choose become their power to confuse.

Also, since the market became competitive, websites offering assistance to “compare power plans” appeared. The idea of consolidating multiple companies’ plans in one single place is useful. Back in the day, that was probably an innovative idea.

Unfortunately, many sites to compare power and electricity plans are just marketing machines. 

Their minimal analytical capabilities create a compounding effect on an already confusing process. Those Websites show plans based on an average monthly consumption assuming that it won’t change throughout the entire year.

But as we know, your consumption changes each month, so by selecting 500 kWh, 1000 kWh, or 2000 kWh you will be blindsided.

Some electricity plans comparison sites even ask you to input manually  your monthly  consumption as reported in your electricity bills. But once again, your consumption is not the same each day of the week. And it also changes with the hours through the entire day.

In other words, all of those sites are simply unable to identify what works from what doesn’t through out the entire year.

Will asking your friends and neighbors to recommend the best electricity plan work?

Since no two homes are identical, their electricity consumption patterns are unique too. That’s why “getting the best electricity plan recommendation from neighbors and friends” doesn’t work either.

Really the answer is simply, the way to find  the best electricity plans and rates is based on your own electricity consumption. And that is exactly what EnerWisely does better than anyone else for you.

The Power to Choose is yours, EnerWisely helps you take advantage

Ever since Texas became deregulated in 2002, Texans have used this freedom to choose the best and cheap energy plans for their homes.

Texas energy companies now create their own energy plans, and set their own rates. This has lead to high competition among these energy companies, who all struggle to gain as many customers as possible. And this competition can benefit the people of Texas.

From the Texas consumers’ perspective, this is a fantastic opportunity to lower their bills. Having the freedom to compare electricity plans and rates, and to switch providers should help finding better deals.

BUT, we all have been there. Jumping through hoops to “find that unbelievably low rate”. Then you order that plan, but it works for a while, and then SURPRISE! A Texas-size electricity bill!

So move beyond antiquated comparison sites, and use the only smart shopping site in Texas. Smart up your power to choose with EnerWisely and get the deal quickly and easy.

Texas average monthly retail price of electricity

Picture, Graph, Chart of average retail electricity price. EnerWisely is the smart tool to compare electricity plans based on your consumption and get the best deal. 

Know the top factors affecting energy rates:

There are so many different things to consider when looking for the cheapest energy rates and the right energy plan. Electricity rates differ from state to state, and within a state from region to region. Many factors cause these variations including:

1)Fuel cost

As we all know, there are multiple types of fuels used to generate the electricity that we use in our homes.

These resources can either be non-renewable fossil fuels like coal and gas, or renewable resources including hydropower, solar, and the energy of the wind.

The prices of these fuels vary, particularly these days with the war in Ukraine and the impact of  inflation. The cost of fuel is one of the major factors determining which electric company can offer the cheapest energy rates.

2)Infrastructure cost

The power we use in our daily lives is generated in power plants. The cost of building, operating, and maintaining this infrastructure ultimately goes into the electricity rates.

3)Distribution or transmission cost

While you might see advertised electricity prices that seems like the cheapest energy rates. Be aware that once generated, electricity travels from the point of generation to the centers of distribution and finally to the points of end consumption, which can be businesses and homes.

The transmission and distribution cost is generally the second highest component of the total energy cost. This infrastructure requires regular maintenance for consumers to receive an uninterrupted and reliable power supply.

Whether consumers see this cost broken down in the competitive electricity rates available or bundled, in the end, all of these costs are transferred to the consumers and can contribute to high electricity bills.

4) Seasonal spikes

Electricity plan rates tend to increases during the summers, as that is the time of peak consumption, driven mainly by an increase in the energy used to keep buildings cool.

When energy consumption increases, power companies work overtime and the infrastructure goes under stress. During these periods, generation, and utility companies require more resources to fulfill this increased demand, which can also end up reflecting in your electricity bill.

To avoid the summer bill spikes, you might want to choose an electricity plan with fixed rates. Do this before or after the summertime, so you can enjoy lower bills and avoid irritating surprises. This can also be an key element in finding the cheapest energy rates. 

5) Location-

If you live in an area that has an abundance of sun or water or wind like Texas, then producing renewable electricity is becoming increasingly cheaper and very competitive.

For this reason, it is important that energy consumers don’t assume that renewable energy is more expensive by default. Rather check all options available, including those energy companies that provide 100% renewable energy. In many cases, their rates can be cheaper than other energy plans in the area.


Five tips to consider to find the cheapest electricity rates and best plans:

  1. There are no two households completely alike; as such, their consumption profile is different.
  2. Energy consumers need to be aware that in the end, there are no good or bad electricity plans. Still, poor fit happens, and it can make your bills skyrocket.
  3. What happens is that your energy usage patterns are unique and change over time.  These changes in consumption levels can trigger unexpected charges and extra costs.
  4. Before selecting any electricity plan, it is critical to compare the options available. For the best results, use a service like EnerWisely that is truly capable of comparing all plans based on your real electricity usage history.
  5. Avoid surprises and stop second guessing. No all plans are created equal and there is one that is the best deal for you. Find it in seconds using EnerWisely matching scores to determine the level of compatibility and the lowest annualized costs.

Know how to find the best and the cheapest energy plan

Energy consumption is as unique as each consumer. Once you see your real usage trends, you will understand why using “an average consumption” led you to the wrong choices and expensive bills. 

Use smart shopping tool to automate and simplify the process. In the long run, you will save more time and money. 

  1. First of all, sign up to EnerWisely for free and link your energy consumption history. It works for customers of all electricity companies in Texas open markets.
  2. In Texas, EnerWisely Best Deal Electricity Plan Finder is the only free service guaranteed to identify the lowest total cost plans based on your real usage profile.
  3. The most comprehensive analysis of the unique consumption of each household or business.  Because, everybody’s energy consumption changes through the year, you should not compare plans based on a constant average. Doing it that way will trigger those irritating and unexpected high bills.  That’s why EnerWisely analyzes your electricity consumption in 15 minutes intervals. 
  4. EnerWisely will instantly show your real consumption history shown by:
  • months, seasons & weeks
  • days vs. nights and weeks vs. weekends

Next, screen the plans for compatibility with your consumption. This will definitively give you the cheapest energy rates. 

  1. The calculation engine, also known as Energy Matchmaker, does comprehensive math to evaluate each electricity plans’ compatibility with each consumer’s unique pattern variations.
  2. This process results in the most thorough, transparent, and unbiased evaluation.
  3. And no worries, understanding the results is a piece of cake. EnerWisely cuts through the clutter and presents the top matches ranked using matching scores that reflect each plan’s total cost.
  4. When you enter the name of your existing electricity plan, EnerWisely will compare side-by-side the total cost and the net savings considering any potential cancellation fees. You will also see their environmental impact compared.
  5. Empowered with these valuable insights, now you can choose with confidence.
  6. EnerWisely is the only energy management platform in the market compliant with DataGuard. You can rest assured that your data is protected and never sold or shared.

Free on-going monitoring to help you stay on track

For a limited time as an INTRODUCTORY OFFER, EnerWisely users enjoy free:

  • personalized tips
  • periodic progress reports
  • notifications
  • renewal reminders

For too long, finding the right electricity plans was hard. No anymore! EnerWisely is here to smart up your power to choose!

Some of the best data scientists in the energy industry developed EnerWisely. As a result, we got three USA patents for our unique technology and have won multiple awards.

But in addition to being a super smart  tool, EnerWisely is also super easy-to-use.  See by yourself, no cost and no risk, sign up for FREE today.

 EnerWisely will transform your data into knowledge. And this is your most powerful weapon against gimmicky electricity plans and overpriced energy bills.

So stop wasting your time and energy in low tech comparison sites. Shop smart and let Enerwisely Best Deal finder  find the lowest cost electricity plan and help you pay only for what you need. Start saving money today.

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