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The Texas electricity market is deregulated, meaning consumers can choose a plan that meets their unique needs. Unfortunately, narrowing down the best energy plan from the thousands on offer is only sometimes straightforward.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused about the many types of plans and rates available in the market, you’re not alone. Millions of Texan homeowners face similar choices. And many of them end up paying too much for their electricity bills. They needed to learn how to research their energy plan options.

Luckily, there are better ways to shop for electricity plans. Today’s blog will explain how to choose energy plans to ease the stress of finding the right one.

How to Compare Texas Electric Plans

EnerWisely has an intelligent matchmaking tool that can link your consumption history and automate the process. With only a few basic questions, it will compare and match you to the best energy rates in your area. You can select your criteria for the search, such as cost savings, renewable output, and time provider rating.

EnerWisely compares Texas electricity rates and plans and considers the following metrics:

  • Electricity Rate by kilowatt hour kWh
  • Free times (nights or weekends)
  • Early termination fee
  • Contract length
  • Green Energy
  • Company reputation
  • Utility company

The contract details are available on a fact sheet (EFLs) published by the retail electric providers (REP). The public utility commission of Texas requires these EFLs.

Also, EnerWisely takes all that information into its database. Here is an example of an EFL or electricity fact sheet. As you can see, it includes all the information required to calculate your bills.

The trick to finding the right plan is to compare using all the details in the EFL based on your consumption. And EnerWisely does that much better than any other comparison website.

You will also get easy to understand matching scores from 0 to 100. These matching scores reflect how well each plan works with your consumption. The higher the matching score, the better the plan works for you.

Whether you’re new to Texas, moving to a new home, or want to switch electricity providers. Now you know the smart way to compare electricity plans in Texas. Never settle for less when shopping for an electricity plan!

How to Choose Energy Plans Online

Homeowners, of course, want the best energy plan for their homes. But the definition of the “best” energy plan will change depending on your circumstances.

Ultimately, countless factors will affect that definition. Things like your consumption, rate, time of use, weather, and more can affect your monthly bill.

Old websites, like Power to Choose, don’t have intelligence to track the changes in your electricity consumption.

They also don’t take into account your home’s energy efficiency or project your billing costs.

An electricity plan comparison website can only perform these features if they have smart technology.

Shopping with them only gives limited information to choose the best energy plan.

That’s why we created EnerWisely.

EnerWisely is the only smart tool that will match you with the best energy plan based on your consumption. We’ll also suggest other ways to save money by improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Getting started with EnerWisely is easy. Create an account, link your home’s energy usage information, and we’ll do the rest.

Are Month-to-Month Energy Plans Worth It?

When shopping to compare energy plans in Texas, you may come across plans offering month-to-month rates.

Month-to-month electricity plans are a form of variable rate plans. They stand in contrast to fixed-rate plans.

Variable rate plans change their kWh rate monthly. These changes can be dramatic since they depend on factors like weather, time of year, and fuel cost.

Since the weather in Texas can be extreme, the stability of variable rate plans is a weak point. Currently, most Texas plans are fixed rates for at least three months.

By being more stable and over extended periods, fixed-rate plans are generally a safer bet. And most people could save you money in the long run.

Prepaid monthly Plans

Another possible variable rate plan is a prepaid monthly plan. There are prepaid electric companies like Payless Power.

These plans will see you pay in advance for the electricity you plan to use in the coming month. Prepaid and month-to-month electricity plans can work for people with credit issues.

These plans can be potentially more volatile than a fixed-rate plan.

This is because electricity companies have to factor risks of emergencies, like weather storms, into the price they charge. These plans could work for consumers adept at predicting the market. They can also work for those who only use a certain amount of electricity during a specific period.


Reviews of Texas Electric Companies and their best rates

To understand why Texas electricity prices are so high and find the best rates, read our reviews of some of the top electricity providers.


Tips for choosing energy plans in Texas

When choosing an energy plan, paying a little more for quality and peace of mind can be worth it. Certain retail electric providers in Texas have long histories of happy customers and minimal complaints.

These companies may sometimes advertise slightly higher rates for their electricity. However, they can still deliver better value, thanks to their extra level of services.

Navigating the energy market can feel overwhelming. However, smart shopping tools like EnerWisely help users quickly and easily compare multiple companies and energy plans.

EnerWisely is free and works for customers of all electricity companies in deregulated areas of Texas.

Click here to see how EnerWisely can save you time and money. Compare and choose the right electricity plan to start saving today.

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