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Shopping to compare electricity plans and rates in Texas is not as simple as checking for the lowest price per kWh. If you assume that your bill will be the cheapest with those advertised prices, you might make a mistake.

Aside from the types of rates available, there are other things you’ll want to think about. This includes time of use, usage credits, and even whether a plan is prepaid or not.

Today’s article will discuss the factors that contribute to your effective electric rates. You will also get EnerWisely top tips on how to compare electricity rates in Texas.


Some Companies to Consider when Comparing Electricity Rates in Texas

EnerWisely helps you compare multiple top providers and hundreds of electricity plans available in Texas. However, it doesn’t hurt to know who are the top market players. Here are few top Texas light companies that you might want to know about:


What is the best way to Compare Power and Electricity Plans in Texas?

In the past, the only way to compare electricity rates in Texas was by using government tools. Using their website, Power to Choose Texas, or by contacting each company directly and asking for information.

Though they were once invaluable resources, these methods are slow, confusing, and outdated compared to modern solutions.

EnerWisely noticed how bad Texas electric plans choices were resulting on more than 90% of Texans overpaying in electricity bills. That’s why we introduced our free and smart light plan comparison tool.

EnerWisely can automatically link your home’s electricity consumption history directly from the smart meter already installed by your utility company. This means that EnerWisely can analyze your usage in a 15-minute interval, instead of monthly.

But be aware, that you are not all plans are the same, also not all comparison tools are smart. Most the inferior electricity plans comparison sites can’t do any analysis beyond monthly total consumption. It’s like trying to thread a needle using box gloves.

The powerful and ultra precise calculations project annualized bills for each electricity plan available based on your real usage. Based on your preferences, EnerWisely calculates matching scores reflecting the lowest cost according to your unique consumption.

Bottom line, with EnerWisely you can rest assure to compare electricity rates in Texas the smart way. In other words, find the cheapest electricity plan for you and avoid those irritating surprises.


How to Calculate Electricity Rates in Texas

When comparing plans, make sure to compare electricity rates in terms of all-in cents per kWh. Unfortunately most people are misled by advertised cents per kWh when comparing which company has the cheapest electric rates in Texas.

Your all-in cost per kWh is calculated based on several factors, including:

  • TDU or TDSP Charges: These are charges that your utility company collects for maintaining the physical infrastructure of the power grid.
  • Time of Year: The summer months in Texas see extreme heat that strains the power grid, raising electric rates in Texas.
  • Variable Costs: Consider costs like fuel for generators.
  • Time of Use: Some plans offer free electricity during nights and weekends when demand is low and energy production remains high.
  • Usage Limits: Some plans will give you a credit for meeting a monthly usage limit, which is generally 1,000 kWh. This is the amount of electricity a standard-sized home would use in an average month.
  • Special plan rules, discounts, charges, and fees: Here is where most electricity plan comparison sites fall short. They lack the capability to analyze your electricity consumption variation will affect your bills. Since those site can’t analyze energy consumption on daily, hourly or minutes intervals, they have huge bling spots. So make sure that they limited capabilities don’t become huge bills for you.

Factors to Consider  when comparing Texas power rates

We recommend collecting the following information from your own home before starting your own Texas electricity rate comparison:

  • Appliance Wattage: Your electrical appliances should have a silver label on them that shows the wattage. You can use this to calculate the kWh of the product using the steps listed in this blog.
  • Usage: You’ll want to know the breakdown of your total electricity consumption by main appliances. This is part of you unique electricity usage profile.

You’ll need to combine this information with your home’s location to accurately calculate your expected electrical rate. Thanks God, there is EnerWisely, and it does all the detail math for you!

What is the Cheapest Electricity Company in Texas?

The best way to find the cheapest Texas electricity company is by using EnerWisely free online tool.

Remember that, due to misleading marketing, many electricity plans in Texas can advertise one rate but effectively bill you another.

These hidden costs are due to factors that aren’t considered by inferior plan finder online tools. For example Compare Power, Electricity Plans, Texas Electricity Ratings, and Power to Choose to name a few.

EnerWisely goal is to eliminate these hidden factors, so you have the information you need to make the best choice. And most importantly, get the lowest possible monthly electricity bills and peace of mind!

To find you the cheapest rates, we compare the following:

·       Plans and Rates

·       Renewable Content

·       Plan Types (Including prepaid, free nights, and usage limit plans)

·       Your unique consumption profile

EnerWisely combines all these factors into a smart tool that automatically tells you who has the lowest electric rates in Texas.

Small Adjustments Could Lead to Big Savings

When looking for the best plan for your home, compare Texas electric rates. This goes behind the electricity price advertised by retail electric providers. Low tech comparison sites that only ask to enter your zip code might make you miss out on savings. Whether the best plan for you is a fixed rate plan, or a variable rate plan or green energy will depend.

The best cheap company electric rate in Texas is the one that works for you. In Texas, many plans offer free nights and weekends to their customers.

If you’re able to shift the heavier part of your energy usage from to the nighttime and weekends, do it. You could ultimately save thousands over a year by choosing a plan that matches your schedule.

Compare Electricity Rates to Save Money

Comparing the best electricity rates is a lot of work but will save you money in the long run.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just remember that EnerWisely compares electricity rates for you based on your consumption. For free, find quick and easy find the plans that give you the lowest effective electricity rates in your area.

As an additional perk, take EnerWisely free home energy quiz. Learn how you can save money and improve your home’s energy efficiency today.

Combining the cheapest electricity plan with better home energy efficiency is the sure formula to minimize your energy bills. Plus you will also reduce your carbon footprint. Start saving today for free with EnerWisely. 

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