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Your Energy consumption is as unique as you! As a proud Energy Star Partner, EnerWisely offers users online home energy efficiency audits. And your Home Energy Fingerprint is a personalized analysis of your energy use to help you maximize savings and reduce your impact on the planet. It includes easy to understand usage history, energy waste analysis, carbon emissions, energy consumption split by main appliances, and much more.

The Home Energy Fingerprint is one of the services of the EnerWisely platform that analyzes your consumption data and produces personalized recommendations to save energy, reduce costs, and cut your carbon emissions. With EnerWisely, you can monitor your consumption regularly and work towards optimizing it. EnerWisely patented technology analyzes your meter data to give you insight on your consumption patterns and suggests ways how you can optimize them.

Apart from figuring out your consumption trends, Energy Fingerprint also calculates the carbon emissions generated by your electricity consumption and translates them into the number of trees required to offset them. Energy Fingerprint also helps identify energy leaks, which is electricity inadvertently used, and represents money and power wasted. Home Energy Fingerprint is a must-have for those that believe that their consumption remains unchanged but face fluctuating bills, which could be caused by those energy leaks. By taking EnerWisely’s online Home Energy Efficiency Audit, you can save more than 30% on your electricity bill by identifying and solving these leaks.

Key features:-

1) Uses the previously installed smart meters, so no new devices are required.
2) Energy Data Privacy Dataguard compliant
3) Secure 128-bit encryption for safer transmission
4) Provides ways to maximize savings for both residential and enterprise
5) Works towards reducing your carbon footprint

How it works

Energy Fingerprint is easy to use! You can start by filing up a simple form and provide access to your smart meter data. Don’t worry! Your data is completely secure with us. We are compliant with the US Department of Energy DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Standard.

As soon as you fill out the form, your smart meter data agreement begins, followed by the download of your historical electricity consumption. This process usually takes only a couple of minutes. Then EnerWisely procees to analyze the data to give you an insight into your consumption. You can view consumption trends monthly, seasonally, or weekly. Consumers can even compare their data with similar homes in the area, or compare the difference between the consumption during days and nights, and weekends and weekdays.

Home Energy Fingerprint also generates personalized science-based assessments. You can check out the carbon emission and leaks based on your consumption patterns and a few inputs about your daily energy habits. You can even see ways to reduce leaks and carbon emissions without impacting your lifestyle.
After this, users can check their consumption efficiency by entering their home features. The efficiency indicator provides personalized details on how much you are already saving and what changes can help you save more.

Long term benefits

  1. Personalized energy dashboard to monitor your energy metrics including your home energy score
  2. Regular monitoring and notifications to identify variations, and plan renewal reminders
  3. Personalized recommendations to improve your home energy efficiency
  4. Reduced carbon emission
  5. Maximized savings by lowering energy leaks and improving efficiency

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