Energy 101

How Energy works?

Energy Powers Life, You & the world. Everything we do involves the use of energy, from making toast to driving a car. Energy gives the power to make something work and comes in various forms. While many of us use and depend on energy every day, we have also grown so accustomed to it that we don’t really think about how it works.  In this Energy 101 section, EnerWisely provides helpful Energy Education. What is Energy Efficiency and how it can help reduce bills and a maximize Energy Savings.

Well, energy plays a large role in most of our activities, and in our day-to-day lives, exists mainly in the form of electricity. Of course, this electricity has to first originate and travel from some kind of source.

Energy & market

Energy 101 – This is where electricity generation comes in. Electricity can be created from multiple sources. When it is created from fossil fuels, it happens in power plants that take the chemical energy stored in coal, natural gas, etc. and turn it into electrical energy. Electricity can also be generated from renewable resources like solar, wind or water (hydro). Once generated, through a series of steps, the electricity eventually reaches you, the end user. Whether you’re aware of it or not, energy, and more specifically electricity, has a big impact on your lifestyle, costs, and surrounding environment.

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By Dr. Ed Marotta

Quantum New Energy Advisory Board &
EnerWisely Chief Science and Education Officer

Energy Powers Life. EnerWisely Empowers People To Harness The Power Of Their Energy Data.

Energy is personal; it affects and empowers the things we do in our daily lives. At the same time, our decisions about what type of energy we use and how we use it, determine our bills and our climate impact. For too long, the data that people generate as they consume energy has created little value and insight to help inform our mindsets and expectations as consumers, which ultimately shape the energy industry itself. The more people understand, the more we will expect personalized services and cleaner energy. And the energy industry will have to evolve and adapt to respond to those higher expectations. Bottom line, the energy consumers have a lot of power in their hands. EnerWisely helps people turn their data into savings and gives them the knowledge and tools to use their power to choose wisely.

Resources and information are vital in empowering People to make the best decision for themselves and their families. That’s why we created this Energy 101 section, EnerWisely is committed to giving you access to not only the best-tailored Energy plan for you but also the most actionable energy knowledge that is easy to digest without having a Ph.D. degree in rocket science.

Energy Education: Literacy – Essential Principle

Energy Education requires energy literacy, defined by the U.S. Department of Energy as an understanding of the nature and role of energy within our planet earth, local communities, and our daily lives. Energy literacy is an important truth to mentally grasp as newer types of energy (e.g., wind, solar, and geothermal) become more widespread. At the same time, unique pathways will make sure of its most efficient use and sustainability. In the end – this is what the world community makes great efforts to meet. Also, more advanced and novel ways to make full use of these energy types are continuously under development, too.

The carbon energy industry is responsible for more than two-thirds of the emissions that cause climate change. This has a direct effect on the planet’s environmental health, and ultimately, human health. Once energy literacy becomes more commonplace, simple analytic tools will offer different levels of feedback and allow for smart, feasible decision-making. This in-turn will add to the global community’s goal of reducing carbon emissions. That’s why EnerWisely provides Energy Education including this Energy 101 section.

Energy Data

Your Energy data is what is generated by the measurement of your very own electrical consumption over time. It reflects the amount of electricity you used and generated during a given time period. Your electricity consumption data belongs to you, EnerWisely protects its privacy with DataGuard.

Your usage data is as unique as you and it reflects your lifestyle, and also all the hidden factors that make your bills skyrocket. However, keep in mind that data alone is of no much value. However, the use of analytics can transform it into knowledge, and that knowledge is your power to make smarter choices. That’s why EnerWisely helps you fetch your home’s smart meter data and transform it into knowledge to make smart energy choices. This is an active way how EnerWisely empowers you with real life Energy Education.

Energy usage is measured by electricity meters in kWh. Amongst all of the meters out there, some of them are smart meters. A smart meter stores your energy data in 15-minute intervals and digitally sends meter readings to your energy supplier. Unlike traditional meters, smart meters measure both total consumption and when the energy was consumed to more accurately capture your consumption information.

Until now, your electricity usage data has typically been used only to generate your bill. However, using your energy for just this purpose alone offers very limited value and insight. On top of your bill, your data can be used to more accurately calculate the real cost of any electricity plan based on your usage patterns.

It can also help you find opportunities to improve your energy efficiency and reduce the emissions generated by your consumption. Knowing that there’s so much value to contribute from people’s data, EnerWisely’s patented technology translates it into personalized energy intelligence to make smarter energy choices in your daily life.