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Save during the Pandemic in your electricity bill

Save during the Pandemic in your electricity bill with EnerWisely.

Humanity’s attempts at limiting the spread (or flattening the curve) of COVID-19 is changing families’ lives. State and local governments are advising people to work from home, avoid large gatherings, and practice good hygiene. During this time where everyone is feeling the pinch, learning how to save money in your electricity bill and exercising your power to choose an energy provider just became a lot more critical.

With EnerWisely’s patented Energy FingerPrint™ and Energy MatchMaker™ solutions, you can easily see how to reduce your electricity bill at home.

To Save Money in Your Electricity Bill start calculating your savings and customizing your service

To address the current challenges and save money during the time of COVID 19, families in Texas’ deregulated energy markets can opt to use our EnerWisely technology platform to reduce costs and find the best electricity plan compatible with their real usage patterns.

Save during the Pandemic Understanding Your Electricity Consumption

When it comes to optimizing energy costs, everything depends on your consumption profile. According to the Energy Information Agency (EIA), Texas households, on average, used 1,176 kilowatt-hours of electricity every month in 2018. This number will increase as more individuals start working from home regularly. Every device, appliance, and light bulb used in the household will drive up your usage and your costs.

The savings calculator of our Energy FingerPrint service helps you understand your consumption and become more efficient with how you use electricity in your household. EnerWisely’s Energy FingerPrint service helps you to:

  • Track your consumption trends by leveraging the unused data from your smart meter.
  • Identify energy leaks in your household and help reduce electricity waste.
  • Calculate your emissions and determines your impact on the environment.
  • Benchmark your consumption against other homes of similar size and location.
  • Provide you with real-time analytics about your current efficiency to help you achieve savings.


Use Your Consumption Data to Find the Best Electricity Plan for You with Energy MatchMaker

The majority of Texans benefit from a deregulated electricity grid, giving consumers the power to choose a supplier. Using your Energy FingerPrint, we can match your consumption with the plan that’s right for you.

Energy MatchMaker is a free-of-charge service that gives you insights into your energy behavior, helping you make smarter choices when selecting a provider. Not every consumer is the same and finding a plan that serves your exact needs shouldn’t require hours of research, studying the small print, and doing complex calculations. With our Energy MatchMaker service, you get:

  • A plan comparison using your Energy FingerPrint data to find a provider that suits your goals.
  • A service that uses an unbiased calculation to determine a matching score with different service providers.
  • Help with calculating savings and all-in costs for each plan.
  • Side-by-side comparisons of plans to give you more insight into your cost and environmental impacts.
  • Integrate your savings goals and help you find the hidden factors making your bills higher.

To save on your bills during the pandemic let EnerWisely Help You Find the Best Electricity Plan for You

If you need to regain control over your electricity costs, EnerWisely’s Platform can help understand your trends, eliminate energy waste, and find a service provider that suits your pocket. Our services extend to Texas’ deregulated electricity markets but will also be available to national and international consumers in the future. Rest assured your data is safe as the platform is compliant with DataGuard, the USA Department of Energy’s standard for data privacy.

Enjoy using the newly launched Energy MatchMaker service, the first free online smart shopping platform for electricity plans customized based on your real usage patterns. Start by signing up now for our Energy FingerPrint service, a Savings Calculator to see how much your could save.

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