Join EnerWisely Rewards Program.

EnerWisely rewards program makes sustainable energy savings cool, fun and rewarding. It works for customers of all electricity companies in choices markets in Texas.


EnerWisely Rewards Program.

Sustainable Energy Savings Made Cool, Fun & Rewarding

Make Progress & Earn Bragging Rights.

EnerWisely, prizes, win one year of free electricity. The smart app to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint


Join challenges, and win cool prizes. Our ongoing contest is for a year of free electricity.

EnerWisely, get points and track your progress. The smart app to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint


Get recognition for your effort & help to stay on track. Earn points for every action you take.

EnerWisely, Carbon Footprint Calculator, The smart app to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint


Celebrate your achievements with badges, share with friends, and collect them all.

EnerWisely, achievements, badges and points, level up, get results and rewards. The smart app to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint

Status Levels

Level up as your complete actions and make progress. Accelerate your path to rewards.

EnerWisely, picture, foto, Happy couple saving money shopping the best deal for electricity plans

EnerWisely Rewards Program

We are unlaeshing the collective power of society to reach net-zero by growing a community of Net-Zero-Heroes. We believe that every small action counts and should be recognized.

EnerWisely Rewards Programs make sustainable energy savings cool, fun, and rewarding!

A Rewards Program to Celebrate Your Progress

EnerWisely Rewards Program helps you make progress and get results. And just as importantly, it celebrates you, your actions and your achievements. Here are some of the perks that you will enjoy:

  1. Get points for accepting and completing recommendations.
  2.  Earn more points for keeping track and getting results!
  3. Earn bragging rights with badges, points, and rewards.
  4. Join challenges and see your rankings compared to others.
  5. Share your achievements with friends and ask them to join in.
  6. Compete for prizes and win!
Rewards Program Achievements

At EnerWisely, we have an unwavering believe that EVERYBODY COUNTS. We also believe that by providing inclusive access to easy-to-use tools, we can EMPOWER EVERYONE TO MAKE ENERGY EFFICIENCY THEIR SUPERPOWER. This way, we are good community members, helping unleash the collective power of society to reach net-zero.

As a one stop energy solutions provider, WE WORK TO BUILD TRUST AND GOODWILL BY CREATING VALUE. We hope to earn your business when you look for products and services for your energy journey. We also learn a lot and constantly improve based on the feedback that we get from our community. However, there is not obligation to buy anything from us.

Are you ready to be a Net Zero Hero?

Join EnerWisely Rewards Program & star the journey!