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Whether you’re living in a home or apartment, shopping for an energy plan in Texas is an excellent opportunity to save some money as a consumer. There are only a few other places besides Texas where the consumer has so many flexible choices regarding energy plans.

Some plans can save you money by using a certain amount of electricity per month. Some plans can save money by switching your power consumption to off-peak hours. You can even find 100% renewable energy plans to lower your carbon footprint.

However, finding these plans is only sometimes the most straightforward process. Hundreds of energy plans are available in each major city in Texas, each promising low rates and flexible options. 

Find out more about how to compare energy plans in your area to find the one that best suits your needs.

Electricity Plans with Free Nights and Weekends

Some Texas energy plans come with time-of-use clauses that can reduce your total electricity bill. Most energy companies offering these types of plans will offer free nights or weekends, but not both. 

If you can shift your usage to off-peak hours, a free nights or weekends plan could save you thousands of dollars per year compared to traditional fixed rates.

It would be best to know your monthly energy usage before switching. The rate these plans charge during peak hours is usually higher than if you were on a typical fixed-rate plan.

Power Plans with Solar

Texas leads the nation in renewable energy investments. Though it’s mainly in the form of wind, solar farms are also prevalent across the state. 

As the state with the most reliable clean energy solutions, Texas has many plans that offer 100% renewable energy. It includes some plans that provide pure solar energy.

Comparing Light Plans in Texas

Are you trying to navigate the energy market and find a plan for your home with the cheapest electric rate?

We have you covered. This guide will show how Texas electric rates depend on electricity usage. See the hidden details in the electric facts labels efl of Texas electricity companies. Understanding these details will give you the knowledge to find cheap electricity rates.

EFLs are required by the public utility commission for all electricity plans regardless of type and provider. Whether you’re looking for a fixed-rate electricity plan from a popular provider like Gexa Energy or any other, learn these basic terms. You will be ready to find the best deal in your zip code.

Here are six components to look out for when comparing energy plans in Texas:

  • Rate per kWh

Your kWh is the primary factor determining your monthly bill total. Lower is almost always better when directly comparing. However, check if your plan has a minimum usage limit.

  • Rate Type (Fixed vs. Variable)

The vast majority of the plans offered in Texas now are fixed-rate plans. These are plans with stable and predictable kWh rates throughout the lifetime of your contract.

Some plans still have variable rates, which means their kWh rate will change from month to month, sometimes dramatically. When comparing the two, fixed rates are usually cheaper and more predictable in the long run.

  • Term

Your electricity contract is usually for a certain period of months. Often between 3 and 36 months. Variable rate plans will be month-to-month.

  • Deposit

If your credit score is low, there is a good chance your energy plan will charge you a deposit before they begin services.

  • Cancellation Fee

In addition to a possible deposit, some plans will charge a cancellation fee if you terminate the contract early.

  • Renewable Energy

Texas energy plans advertise what percentage of the energy output is generated by renewable sources. Some providers promise to deliver power generated only by your preferred method, like solar or wind.

Energy Plans for Apartments

You should pay extra attention to plan usage limits when shopping for energy plans for apartments.

Many Texas energy plans advertise a rate based on a 1,000 kWh/month usage. This is a standard measurement that represents about one average-sized family home. 

Plans with usage credits will offer a specific discount on the total bill or rate once after reaching the 1,000-kWh threshold.

If you’re in a smaller home or an apartment, you may use less than 1,000 kWh/month. You may be closer to 500 kWh/month. Suppose you were on a plan with a minimum usage requirement. In that case, you’d be paying a much higher rate than advertised.

The best way to determine your energy usage is to take EnerWisely’s free online home energy quiz. We’ll give you a home energy score, representing your home’s energy efficiency compared to homes in your area. We can even use this score to match you with the best energy plan in your place to save you money.


Reviews of Texas Electricity Providers and their most popular plans

To understand why Texas electricity prices are so high and find the best rates, read our reviews of some of the top electricity providers.

The Best Way to Find Cheap Energy Plans in Texas

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