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We all have those days when life gets hectic, and time flies. With so many things going on, one can forget whether or not you adjusted the settings in your home’s thermostat. Then, when you receive an irritating high utility bill and have no idea how in the world you spent so much. The data from a smart meter, though, you can help you better understand your energy usage without disrupting your busy lifestyle.

Unlike traditional meters that only measure total consumption, smart meters show when the energy is consumed.

A smart meter is a type of gas and electricity meter. It can digitally send electric power usage readings in real-time. Electric companies use this information for more accurate energy bills. Utilities usually perform tests, often comparing next to analog meters to ensure accuracy, before installation.

Smart meters have continuous, remote, communication capabilities to record and store your energy usage. It typically works in 15-minute intervals and communicates that information back to your utility company.

In Texas, most homes already have Smart Meters installed by electric utility companies.

In the United States, there are millions of smart meters installed. Smart Meter Texas, the state’s official data hub, stores the data recorded by these devices. Smart Meter Texas provides a convenient and secure way for people to access their electricity consumption information.

The public utility commission of Texas and the electric utilities work together to ensure secure and reliable access to the usage data by consumers and electric companies. Based on your electricity plan, the historical usage data including all its variations is used to generate your electricity bill.

The raw data collected from the smart meters in itself doesn’t tell how you use that energy.

The data from the smart meter is a series of kilowatt-hour electricity usage readings in 15 minutes time intervals. In itself, it doesn`t tell what is using the power, how much are you wasting, or the carbon emissions associated.

Realizing a gap in this kind of insight, our team developed EnerWisely. An easy way for people to see in which areas they are spending their energy on and how to improve. With this personalized insight, households can more efficiently manage their energy consumption. As a result, you get lower monthly bills while reducing your impact on the planet.

EnerWisely accesses the household’s energy consumption data via Smart Meter Texas at the customer’s explicit request and with their agreement. Once connected, EnerWisely combines your smart meter data with your inputs about your household’s unique lifestyle, behaviors, and home features. It is then turned into personalized insights empowering consumers to manage their energy consumption and lower their electricity bills more efficiently.

So, as life gets a little bit too busy, consider letting EnerWisely do the hard work for you. EnerWisely will find the savings hidden in your smart meter data. EnerWisely will make the task of understanding and monitoring your energy consumption a much faster and easier one.

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