How It Works

Find All Your Savings

In spite of energy consumers having the power to choose electricity providers in Texas, most people aren’t taking full advantage. It is hard when you have too many choices and too little personalized, relevant context.
Some sites show lists of electricity plans and filters. However, they don’t calculate how those choices fit users` consumption habits and goals.
Other sites offer switching services for a monthly fee. Their apparent convenience comes at the extra cost of limited clarity about your data, your choices, and their selection process.
Unlike any other service, EnerWisely first taps into your unused energy data and analyzes your unique consumption. Then EnerWisely is unbiased and transparent in finding plans that fit your habits and goals. EnerWisely is the best and only free service for Texas Households that finds energy savings beyond your electricity plan match.

How You’ll Save

Plan Savings

Save money and optimize your consumption by selecting a plan that best fits your lifestyle, preferences, and energy goals.

Efficiency Savings

Learn where you can improve and find out how you can better your energy consumption for maximum efficiency.

EnerWisely identifies Electricity Leaks

Eliminate Leaks

Understand your electricity leaks so that you can minimize the amount of energy that you’re inadvertently wasting.

Environmental Savings

Find out how your energy consumption is affecting the environment in order to reduce your carbon footprint.


Knowing that you are as unique as your energy consumption, EnerWisely integrates data science and behavioral science to extract actionable insights from your own, real energy data. Here’s how to start saving:

1. First, access your Energy Consumption Data.

Most homes already have smart meters installed by the utility companies. Until now, however, your energy consumption data has been used mainly to generate your bill, offering minimal value and insight. In Texas, that data is accessible to consumers through Smart Meter Texas. If you don’t have an account yet, no worries – with your consent-, we’ll help you create one. Once your energy data is accessed, EnerWisely will put it to work to find the savings hidden in it.

2. See personalized insights through your Energy FingerPrint.

Our interactive energy intelligence platform incorporates your inputs to best reflect your lifestyle, habits, preferences, and goals. Your personalized Energy FingerPrint reveals your unique consumption trends, assesses your leaks, and shows the environmental impact and carbon footprint of your electricity consumption. See your efficiency, the areas you’re spending the most in, how your usage compares versus similar homes in your area, and get insights for where and how you can improve.

3. Let Energy MatchMaker find your right plan & maximize savings.

If you want to maximize your savings, let Energy MatchMaker find your optimal plan. Its unbiased analytics calculate matching scores for all the electricity plans in our database, then it identifies the ones that best match your Energy FingerPrint. You will also see comparisons of the cost and environmental impact of your current plan and each of the given options considered. You can also adjust your matching criteria to find new matches. Next, all you have to do is select and order your plan match.

4. Be in control & keep up with the progress of your energy journey.

Log into your EnerWisely account to navigate through your Energy Dashboard and track your progress. Update your profile when there are changes in your household to find more savings. We will keep you updated with progress highlights and reminders of upcoming plan expiration. We only share your information with the electricity or service providers selected by you to fulfill your service request. With EnerWisely, you can control your data sharing and communication settings or close your account at any point.