Tools and knowledge to make the most of your energy choices

EnerWisely is an easy to use yet very powerful sustainable energy savings tool. It helps you make the most of your money and reduce your carbon emissions.

Through a unique integration of your energy use history, your home features, and your behaviors, you will get an initial score and tools to make progress. EnerWisely is all about helping you get the results that you want, AND making the experience enjoyable and rewarding!

How it works

100% online, quick & free!

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Join our rewards program. It works for customers of all electricity companies in deregulated Texas markets.

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Link your home energy history & answer a few  simple questions. See your score & compare to others.

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Create your personalized savings roadmap based on the actions that suit your needs and preferences.

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Stay on track with alerts and reports. Earn points, badges, and rewards as you make progress.

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Why EnerWisely offers this? Is there a catch?

At EnerWisely, we have an unwavering believe that EVERYBODY COUNTS. We also believe that by providing inclusive access to easy-to-use tools, we can EMPOWER EVERYONE TO MAKE ENERGY EFFICIENCY THEIR SUPERPOWER. This way, we are good community members, helping unleash the collective power of society to reach net-zero.

As a one stop energy solutions provider, WE WORK TO BUILD TRUST AND GOODWILL BY CREATING VALUE. We hope to earn your business when you look for products and services for your energy journey. We also learn a lot and constantly improve based on the feedback that we get from our community. However, there is not obligation to buy anything from us.

Our business model works because everyone can benefit

People ask us if EnerWisely as a direct consumer product is really free? So we thought we’d take a moment to explain.

If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t know how efficient you are at using energy or your carbon footprint. But surely you get receive tons of offers from solar to smart home, and from carbon offsets to electricity plans But how often are they actually a good fit for you?

Here at EnerWisely, we make recommendations that match your unique profile and that provide value to you – whether it’s savings, reducing carbon or rewards –. We also work with partners that share our mission. If you get a product through one of our recommendations, our partners pays us. If we do our job well, you get the best deals and save money, we make some money and our partners gain new customers. Everyone wins.