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The matching score is defined as the personalized score that indicates your compatibility level with the available energy plans. This matching score will be different for different users and is calculated by EnerWisely’s unbiased calculation engine Energy MatchMaker. 


How is the energy matching score generated? 

EnerWisely offers the knowledge and tools to make the most of your money. These smart tools are group under two unique services, Home Energy Efficiency Audit and Electricity plan best deal finder.

The Home Energy Efficiency Audit will help you turn your energy data into knowledge. It uses your smart meter data to not only generate your personalized home energy report and score, but also find waste and hidden savings.


EnerWisely’s Electricity Plan Best Deal Finder compares hundreds of electricity plans  based on your energy usage history, calculating the compatibility of each plan. This level of compatibility is shown as a matching score in an easy scale from 0 to 100. The higher the matching score, the better the compatibility with your home’s profile and the lowest the cost.


EnerWisely is the only smart tool that gives you BOTH,  the way to eliminate electricity waste, and the way to find the cheapest electricity rates. Remember your electricity bills is the multiplication of your consumption times your electricity rate. If you don’t tackle both, you are leaving money on the table. Thanks God, EnerWisely empowers you to make smarter energy choices and reach your full saving potential.

How an energy matching score helps me find the cheapest electricity plan?

There are plenty of energy plans available in the market today. Each of these plans has some unique rules which may or may not work with your profile. If you are looking for a new light plan, then it is critical to not only compare plans from multiple electricity providers but also screen them for compatibility.


Done manually or with Excel files, this can be quite an overwhelming task. Also keep in mind that what works for your friend or neighbor might not work for you as each home’s electricity consumption history is unique. That is why EnerWisely developed the best deal finder a smart electricity plan shooping tools that is a better alternative to Power to Choose and Energy Ogre.


EnerWisely’s patented technology analyzes the electricity plans available in your area based on your energy profile and estimates  annualized costs to generate the matching scores. The matching scores also take into account your criteria, whether you are environmentally -oriented, budget conscientious  or driven by your electricity provider customer satisfaction ratings.


EnerWisely Energy Matching Score Benefits:

  • Quick, easy and smart

In seconds, EnerWisely will help you analyze hundred of electricity plans and find the plan that bests fits your preferences and maximizes your monetary savings.

  • Cuts through the clutter

There are hundreds of electricity plans available in Texas. EnerWisely’does the match taking into account all the details -and event the tricks and gimmicks- hidden in the small print to find the best deal for you.


  • Side by side plan comparison

You can easily compare your current energy plan with the recommended ones easily, based on your matching score and projected net savings.


  • Ways to offset

EnerWisely also helps you offset the environmental impact of your electricity consumption by helping you take control of your renewable energy usage and optimizing your energy efficiency.



At EnerWisely, we know that everyone has a unique energy consumption profile which is based on their lifestyle and preferences. So don’t settle for low tech cookie cutter approaches.  Shop smart with EnerWisely and find the best deal in seconds. And save even more money with personalized tips to improve your home efficiency savings, and minimize your environmental impact. Now you know, with EnerWisely, being sustainable and saving money are part of the same solution. That’s smart.


Remember, the power to choose is yours, use it wisely with EnerWisely!


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