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For customers of all electricity companies in Texas choice markets.

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Home Energy Score

Get your free energy efficiency audit and compare to others.

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Calculate your carbon footprint and create your plan to reduce it. Stay on track, and get results.

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Electricity Plans

Smart shopping tools to help you get the plan that matches your usage and has the lowest cost.

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Get a reminder when is time to switch electricity plans and shop for the best deal.

EnerWisely is your trusted energy partner. With us, using energy more wisely never comes at the expense of privacy. Your data is encrypted, and protected. You decide what you want to know and what you want to share.


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91% of Texans overpay for Electricity. See if you are one of them.

You work hard for your money & Every dollar counts. Smart up your power to choose. Take EnerWisely’s Energy Savings Quiz and get your Home Energy Score. And easy yet powerful way to know your home energy efficiency and compare with others in your area.

Learn what is affecting your score and estimate the annual savings that you could get by improving it. Most importantly get personalized recommendations and tools to stay on track and get results.

A more sustainable future stars with using energy more wisely


Energy Use Monitoring

Get weekly home energy reports. Check your dashboard to track progress.

Monitoring Reports

Your energy consumption went up 10% this past month.

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You’re wasting 20% of the energy you use in leaks.


Personalized Insights

Learn what affects your energy efficiency and how to improve it.

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Better Decisions

See personalized recommendations for ways to get the most for your money.

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Switching to LED lights could help you save $125 per year.


See how EnerWisely is helping users achieve their sustainable energy savings.

FINALLY, a real partner to help me be more efficient in my electricity use and lower my emissions without having to pay more. EnerWisely gives me the knowledge I need to know what is wrong and how to fix it. I love it!

JoAnn Meyer – Houston

I paid over $100 last year just to find the best cents per kWh rate. EnerWisely does so much more for FREE. It’s the only site that shows my energy score & offers monitoring to  reduce my energy waste. It doubled my savings.

Vivek Redi – Dallas

EnerWisely is much more than an electricity plan shopping site. My account keeps track of my energy use changes over time. I simply click find plan matches and order. Seeing my top deals with their  matching scores is very powerful.

Anthony Yi – Sugarland

I am always looking for the best deal. When it comes to switching electricity plans, this means finding the lowest price, and no having to pay to find it. Also, EnerWisely helps reducing waste. It’s like making extra money.

Alberto Suarez – Katy

EnerWisely Rewards Program.

Sustainable Energy Savings Made Cool, Fun & Rewarding

Make Progress & Earn Bragging Rights.

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Join challenges, and win cool prizes. Our ongoing contest is for a year of free electricity.



Get recognition for your effort & help to stay on track. Earn points for every action you take.

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Celebrate your achievements with badges, share with friends, and collect them all.

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Status Levels

Level up as your complete actions and make progress. Accelerate your path to rewards.

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Join EnerWisely’s growing community!

First of all, you will receive an entry in our drawing to win a year of free electricity when you complete your quiz. Additionally, you will get your home energy score. Plus, you get the estimated savings by improving and recommendations. After that, we will generate your personal promo code to share with your friends. Consequently, each time someone enters your code when completing their quiz; you will receive an additional entry. Finally, if you give us feedback and ideas to improve, we will give you an extra entry.

Promo Terms & conditions

Participants agree to this site`s Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy.
Winner will receive one year of free electricity for the address used to create your account. The prize is calculated based on the last 12-month energy use. It considers Texas Average electricity price up to $2,000. Therefore, the winner agrees to EnerWisely`s right to use drawing results, including the winner announcement for marketing purposes.
In conclusion, If you complete your quiz by April 30th, 2022, you may be randomly picked out to win!