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High Electricity Bills are just the tip of the iceberg, 90% of people have hidden problems that increase their real cost. EnerWisely empowers you to see the full picture and take control. 100%  online, get results in minutes, for free.

EnerWisely Energy Savings Quiz and Roadmap

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EnerWisely is a proud Energy Star Partner | Energy Efficiency, Energy Savings

As an Energy Star Partner, EnerWisely offers 100% online, Free Energy Efficiency Assessments to help Texas Households save money and reduce their environmental impact.


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You work hard for your money & Every dollar counts. But 91% of Texans Overpay for Electricity.

Find out if you are missing out on savings by taking your Energy Savings Quiz now. 

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EnerWisely’s Energy Savings Quiz is quick and easy but very powerful.

You will find  savings related to energy efficiency,  leaks, environmental impact, and the lowest cost electricity based on your real energy usage patterns.

Knowledge is Power to take Control of Your Real Energy Cost.

In a world where people can track calories, steps, and miles; people should also know what affects their Real Energy Cost. After all, electricity plans and rates are just the tip of the iceberg.

EnerWisely empowers you to understand the hidden factors making your bills sky-rocket. Get the full picture and Achieve your Total Savings Potential. Best of all, you can save money while reducing your climate impact.

EnerWisely helps find the energy savings that are out of sight

Big Savings Start By Understanding Your Energy Use. 

That’s why EnerWisely developed tools that will help you make smart energy choices.

The Energy Savings Quiz evaluates your energy usage to show you where you’re spending your money. At the end of your quiz, you will get a personalized Savings RoadMap to Save Money and Reduce your Climate Impact.

The  Energy MatchMaker is a tool that finds the lowest cost energy plan based on your unique Energy Usage Patterns.

Our calculation engine analyzes hundreds of Texas energy plans and determines the one that gives you the lowest cost and the biggest savings.

Energy Savings Quiz

Personalized assessment of your energy usage to receive personalized savings roadmap. Includes:

Usage Trends

Environmental Impact

Efficiency  & Leaks Analysis

Savings Roadmap

Progress Reports

Points & Rewards


Plan Match = Lowest Cost 

Shop customized electricity plans based on your usage trends to get the lowest cost.

Compatibility vs hundreds of plans

Personalized matching scores

Compare vs. your current plan

Shop lowest cost in minutes

Plan Expiration reminders

Personalized Dashboard

How EnerWisely Maximizes Energy Savings

  • Get the Lowest Cost of Electricity – EnerWisely matches your electricity consumption patterns with the right electricity plan in our database to help you get the best deal.
  • Improve Your Energy Efficiency – the energy savings quiz uncovers the energy leaks in your home. You get actionable insights to eliminate waste and save more.
  • Reduce Your Climate Impact – EnerWisely’s Savings quiz also evaluates the environmental impact of your energy choices.

EnerWisely Smart Energy Perks for your long-term success


Get weekly energy consumption reports and reminders when your plan is up for renewal.

EnerWisely helps track your usage habits to get Energy Savings

Your energy consumption went up 10% this past month.

EnerWisely identifies leaks to get energy savings

20% of your total electricity spend seems related to the leaks.


Learn what affects your energy consumption and what you can do to optimize it.

Better Decisions

See personalized recommendations for ways to make smarter electricity decisions.

Personalized Energy Savings Recommendations

Based on your Energy Savings Quiz, switching to LED lights could help you save $125 per year.


See how EnerWisely is helping users reduce their costs & take climate action.

FINALLY, a real partner to help me be more efficient in my electricity consumption. The EnerWisely platform is a one-stop-shop. At any time, just by logging into my account, I can easily see smart meter data for my home, including trends and comparisons. When I recently considered changing electricity providers, I logged into my account, compared various electricity providers and plans, got recommendations for best matches to meet my priorities – which is a combination of saving money and reducing my carbon footprint – and then actually enrolled in a new plan. I receive recommendations for reducing my electricity use and saving money. AND IT IS ALL FREE. I paid over $100 last year just to have a company find the best cents per kWh rate and EnerWisely does that and so much more for FREE.

JoAnn Meyer – Houston

EnerWisely Supports Energy Education

EnerWisely is in itself an energy education tool. By helping transform data into knowledge, EnerWisely empowers consumers to make smart energy choices that are cost-effective lower their impact on the environment.

EnerWisely helps individuals and organizations maximize their energy efficiency and take sustainable actions. By understanding their energy use and environmental impact,  EnerWisely users can reduce electricity bills and protect the planet.

Learn more about our pledge for Energy Education.

Are You Overpaying for Energy?

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