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Congratulations to the Texas Top 10 electric companies!

This list recognizes their excellence and helps you narrow down your choices when looking for the best electric provider in Texas

With more that 140 retail electricity providers registered in the state, Texans have a lot to choose from. And having competition is great because it drives prices down and there are choices to suit everyone’s needs. However, choosing the right company can also feel like finding the needle in the haystack.

By the way, an electric company can also be called a “light company”.

So EnerWisely created this list to help customers like you who are wondering who is the best electric company in Texas.

How EnerWisely Decided the 10 Best Electric Companies in Texas

The Texas energy providers included in our list offer the some of lowest electricity rates. However, when choosing the best electricity companies it’s important to consider additional criteria including:

  • Reliability
  • Clarity of energy plans
  • Customer Service
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Discounts and Rewards
  • Complaint resolution
  • Community involvement
  • Renewable Energy Investments
  • Technology and Innovation

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Our Top 10 Electric Companies in Texas (2022)

Ready to find out our top 10 electric companies in Texas for 2022?

Whether you shopping for electricity plans today or considering switching these trusted companies are ready to serve you. And some of them will offer bill credits for new customers, all combined you can get great deals so keep reading.

Reliant Energy (NRG)

Reliant Energy was founded in 2000. This top electric company based in Houston Texas and is part of NRG Energy.

Reliant serves more than 1.5-million homes around the great state of Texas. It also provides 23-million megawatts of power to Texan businesses and residential homeowners. With this impressive operations and experience as one of the largest companies in Texas, Reliant is a name you can trust.

Also Reliant is recognized by their clients for their customer centric approach and top-notch customer service. Reliant takes a personalized approach to make your energy easier.

Flagship Power

Flagship Power is one of the most innovative energy companies serving customers in Texas. The team at Flagship Power provides electricity plans, and other services, that help meet your needs every day.

Their technology makes it easy for customers to signup. The company also provides you with great service and support. Their team of highly experienced and friendly professionals will surely make you feel like a part of the Flagship Power family.

Good Charlie

Good Charlie is a top electric company choice for pet lovers. Good Charlie is working to keep dogs out of shelters and offer pets permanent loving homes. The company donations go to Houston pets alive and Dallas pets alive.

Good Charlie offers a Fixed-rate electricity for you that offers FREE Pack Benefits for your pet. These benefits include:

  • 24/7 video access to licensed vets
  • $750 emergency fund for a vet bill
  • Bill roundups for rescues at no cost to you

Pulse Power (owned by Shell Energy Company)

Pulse Power prices are very competitive and their team is very knowledgable.

Pulse Power specializes in no-gimmick, price protected rates. This means that the plans are straight forward and you also get a 90-day “Perfect Plan Guarantee”. Both of these factors minimize the odds of irritating bill surprises.

With many electricity plan options available Pulse Power can offer you a great deal based on your usage levels. They’ve been bought by Shell, which gives them a very impressive backing. All combined a deserving part of the list of our top 10 electric companies in Texas.

Texpo Energy

Texpo Energy was established in 2002. The company serves residential and commercial customers across the USA. Texpo has an A-rating by the Better Business Bureau and philosophy of continuous improvement.

Led by team of energy experts with more than 150-years of combined experience, this is a company that you can trust.

The combination of high-quality, knowledge at affordable rates gave Texpo a place in our list of top electric companies.

Constellation Energy

Constellation was founded in 1999. It currently serves 2.2 million customers every day within the residential and commercial sectors. Constellation’s customers include 2/3rds of the Fortune 100 companies.

To put it simply – Constellation Energy is the largest producer of clean electricity in the United States. . Constellation serves all competitive markets in Texas, offering a wide range of plans. Their plans include free nights and weekends, flexible wind, and solar options. Also they have flexible terms including the popular 12 months electricity plans.

Cirro Energy

Cirro was founded in 2001 and is based in Plano, Texas. Cirro Energy is part of the NRG family of Brands which gives them an extra boost. This top electric company is passionate about their customers and seek to exceed their expectations. The offer affordable energy plans for residential homes and commercial businesses across the entire country.

Cirro Energy also works actively to support the community. Its donations support several charitable and philanthropic organizations in Texas. The company also loves its team offering them volunteering opportunities and promoting work-life balance.

As a result, Cirro Energy’s happy team will strive to delight you with great rates and top customer service.

Discount Power

Discount Power offers competitive pricing and fixed-rate plans. This dependable company of industry experts is recognized for its superior level of customer service and quality driven approach.

The company offers service for homes and businesses. Focused on offering customers more bang for their buck. Discount Power simplifies energy plans by offering cost effective plans with no hidden fees.

Discount Power has a A+ rating with the better business bureau. With a friendly team that genuinely care, their enrollment is easy and customer support is great!

TXU Texas

TXU Energy serves as one of Texas’ largest retail electricity providers serving over 2 million customers. TXU is also a very strong member of the community supporting many organizations and causes across Texas.

TXU Energy has main offices in Irving, Texas. The company offers residential and business service to Texans since 2002. TXU is part of Vistra Energy.

TXU offers monthly plans or fixed long-term rates depending on your needs. TXU has an exceptional customer service reputation. The company is famous also for its free night, free weekends, and their season pass plans.

Champion Energy Services

Champion Energy is one of the best electric companies in Texas. Champion Energy was founded in 2005 and is based in Houston, Texas.

They are owned by the Calpine Corporation. This is one of the largest and fastest-growing retail electricity providers in the United States. Their success is attributed to their clear and simple pricing and great customer service.

Their customers include government agencies, commercial businesses, industrial corporations, and residential homeowners.

Top Green Electric Companies in Texas

Chariot Energy

Chariot Energy Provides texans with solar energy through the grid without requiring solar panels. Chariot Energy provides 100% clean energy to Texans and offers clear and straightforward energy plans. This helps Chariot’s customers avoid unpleasant surprise bills.

Chariot Energy was selected as a top 3 favorite light companies by Houston Chronicle readers after only one year in business. Chariot Energy offers competitive pricing and fixed-rate plans with great customer service.

Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy rounds out our list as one of the most environmentally friendly energy companies in Texas. All Green Mountain Energy plans are 100% renewable. Though their prices are generally higher than their competition, their dedication to environmental protection earns them a spot on our list.

Rhythm Energy

Rhythm Energy is an electric company focused on protecting the planet. The company is based in Houston and offers 100% renewable electricity plans. Also, the company offers a FREE, independent solar concierge service.

This means that you get a personalized evaluation to see if solar is a good alternative for your home. Using technology Rhythm Energy offers a new solar calculator!

Then Rhythm’s experts determine that installing solar in your home can help you potentially save thousands. If installing solar panels is a good deal for you, they will offer a quote for the perfect solar system.

Top Company for Prepaid and No Deposit

Payless Power

Payless Power is a family owned and operated business. Payless Power was established in 2005 promoting Texas values of Family, home, and community.

Payless Power has established itself as a leading powerhouse in the prepaid and no deposit electricity market. Payless Power offers energy plans that are sustainable, accessible, and affordable for all Texans Regardless of income or credit history.

Other Trusted Energy Providers

Other high quality energy providers include

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Choosing a Plan from the Top 10 Electric Companies in Texas

We hope that your list of top 10 electric companies in Texas for 2022 is helpful.

Most of us are interested in lowering our electricity bill while selecting a top provider with reliable electricity service. That is why it is important to compare both electric companies and electricity plans.

Does thinking about comparing more than a hundred providers feels like too much? Then, imagine comparing all the electricity plans available.

That’s why we created EnerWisely, to make things not only easy but also to help you make smart choices. This smart shopping tool compares all options available based on your electricity usage.

Check out EnerWisely smart free plan comparison tool to find the best plan. You will also learn how to improve your home’s energy efficiency to save more money.

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