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Savings Beyond the Best Electricity Plan

Empowering Freedom of Choice

Energy MatchMaker finds the plan that fits your unique lifestyle and preferences. It empowers you with energy intelligence to make smart energy choices and achieve your full savings potential.


With so many choices, how do you select best plans for you?

Energy MatchMaker
is the only data-driven service available to help you find your plan match and all your energy savings. We know that your energy consumption is as unique as you. Our patented technology uses your unused  energy data to create a personalized Energy FingerPrint that takes into account your usage patterns, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. Next, we assess the compatibility between all existing options in our comprehensive utility plans database and your unique Energy FingerPrint to identify and recommend the most optimal plans.

 Whether you’re already in a home or moving into a new one, we have a solution for you. And if you prefer to browse plans on your own, we got you covered too.

What makes us the best plan-comparison platform?

Based on Your Real Energy Data

We generate your personalized Energy FingerPrint to find solutions that fit your specific wants and needs.

Matching Score

Our unbiased calculation engine generates a unique, personalized matching score that indicates the level of compatibility between you and each plan available.

Electricity Plan Savings & beyond

Energy MatchMaker finds the plan that bests fits your goals and maximizes your monetary savings with efficiency savings, environmental savings and leaks reduction.

All-In Costs

We integrate your real consumption profile and all the components of each plan’s rate to accurately and comprehensively calculate your all-in cost.

Cut Through the Clutter

With more than 1000+ electricity plans in the state, our analytics find the ones that best fit your personal matching criteria.

Side-by-Side Plan Comparisons

See how the costs and environmental impact of your current plan compares to the plans available based on your actual energy data.

We go beyond just a plan selection to find all your savings.

Personalized Energy Dashboard

Track the progress towards your energy goals, monitoring changes in your consumption trends and energy indicators.

Interactive Energy FingerPrint

Update your profile when there are changes in your home, and your FingerPrint will find additional savings for you.

Periodic Monitoring Reports

We will keep an eye out for you and let you know if there are significant changes in your consumption trends.

Plan Renewal Alerts

We will remind you when your plan is about to expire so that you can either renew on time or select a new one.

Find Your Plan Match

Energy MatchMaker uses your energy data to find the plans that match your unique lifestyle and preferences.
We make it easier to maximize your savings and make smarter energy choices.

What’s more? It’s easy-to-use and FREE for Texas Households in deregulated areas.