Lower your bill with customized electricity plans. 

Energy MatchMaker is the only FREE service guaranteed to identify the perfectly matched plans with the lowest total cost based on your real usage profile.

100% done online, so you get results within minutes.

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Texas Electricity Providers Powering EnerWisely

With so many choices, how to select the best electricity plans?


Signing up for any electric plan is easy, but it can be costly if it’s not matched to your usage. Most people choose based on falsely advertised rates or gimmicky “free periods” that don’t work for their specific consumption profile.

What happens is that your power usage is unique. As such, it changes by the hour of the day, the day of the week, and of course, with the seasons. That why, when you use “an average consumption”, it can lead you to misfits and the wrong choices, consequently to irritating surprises, and overpriced bills.


When you choose the right plan for you, then your bill could be drastically lower. So, Energy MatchMaker starts analyzing all the fine print details of every energy plan to determine their compatibility with your usage patterns.

Next, EnerWisely ranks the electricity plan by matching scores that reflect each plan’s total costs based on your real usage. Finally, cutting through the clutter, You’ll get customized recommendations for the plans that match your profile and goals so that you get the lowest total cost.

Say goodbye cookie cutter comparisons. Customize your Plan and pay only for what you need.

Additionally, EnerWisely is the only free service that does the same detailed math used to generate your electricity bill. You can rest assured that it is fully unbiased, Guaranteed! As a result, with EnerWisely you could cut your power bills by half or even more. 

The Power to Choose is Yours, use it Wisely, and see your savings grow.

EnerWisely Keeps Your Data Safe & Private.


We use 128-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your data to our site.

Energy Data Privacy

We are compliant with the US Department of Energy DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Standard.

How does Energy MatchMaker work?

Energy MatchMaker works 100% online, without the need for additional equipment or onsite inspections, and you get results within minutes.

What to do next:

  1. First of all, sign up and EnerWisely will compile securely your electricity use history from your home’s electric meter. All you need is your address, meter number, and electricity provider name.
  2. Next, instantly get your consumption patterns including time of day, day of the week, and seasonal changes.
  3. Then, the electricity plans available will be cross-referenced against our usage patterns and accordingly ranked by matching scores reflecting compatibility and total cost.
  4. Get side-by-side customized savings comparisons, and Order your personally matched plan
  5. Additionally, get extra perks to find more savings and keep yourself on track to reach your goals
Where To Find your Smart Meter Number

The EnerWisely Story

How we switched teams, from large scale energy to daily-life energy consumer empowerment… Our team spent many years using technology and analytics to optimize efficiency and cost in the Energy industry. And that is when it became apparent that those same tools could help energy consumers reduce costs and emissions.

So, we spoke with thousands of people, listening carefully to their concerns about energy. As a result, we learned that consumers were focusing most of their time and effort in choosing the wrong electricity plans. To make things worse, they were also missing other significant but hidden factors that make their bills skyrocket. And the reason was… Consumers didn’t have the tools to turn their raw data into personalized guidance to make smart energy choices.

That’s why we created EnerWisely. A simple way to transform your electric meter data into your most powerful weapon against expensive bills. With EnerWisely, we bridge the gap, by providing unbiased, thorough yet easy-to-use ways to make better informed, daily-life smarter energy choices. We make it easy to tackle high bills and act on climate impact.

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Our Guarantee

EnerWisely is the only personalized energy management platform guaranteed to

– Find the best electricity plan based on your real usage profile
– Find additional savings beyond electricity plans and rates
– Continue tracking and supporting your progress to turn your aspirations into tangible results
– Protect your data, which is never sold or shared

Smart Energy Choices Simplified.

Because BIG Savings Start with Small Steps. See how EnerWisely is helping users lower their real energy cost.

What makes Energy MatchMaker the best way to compare electricity plans?

Customized based on Your Real Usage

We start generating your Energy FingerPrint so you can find electricity plans that fit you, meet your goals and provide the lowest total cost.

Matching Score

Our unbiased calculation engine generates a unique, personalized matching score thus indicating the level of compatibility between you and each plan available.

Electricity Plan Savings & beyond

Finds the plan that bests fits your goals and maximize your savings in daily-life energy efficiency, leaks reduction, and environmental impact.

All-In Costs

Given the integration of your real consumption profile and each plan’s details, you get accurate and comprehensive all-in cost estimates.

-Except Taxes-

Cut Through the Clutter

With 1000+ electricity plans in the state, find the ones that best fit your personal matching criteria. Indeed, we can help you compare against your current plan.

Side-by-Side Plan Comparisons

See how the costs and environmental impact of your current plan compares to the plans available based on your actual energy data.

Save beyond electricity plans with Personalized Energy Management Perks.

Energy Dashboard

Access it anytime to track you progress, monitor changes in your consumption trends and your savings.

EnerWisely Energy FingerPrint

Interactive Energy FingerPrint

Update your profile when there are changes in your home to find additional savings for you.

EnerWisely offers notifications to stay on track

Periodic Reports & Tips

Get notifications with changes in your consumption trends and tips to save more.

Plan Renewal Alerts

Get reminders when your plan is about to expire so that you can either renew on time or select a new one.

Are you in the wrong Texas Electricity plan or paying more than you should?

Energy MatchMaker is the easy way to find out.
It doesn`t hurt to check, plus It’s easy-to-use and FREE for Texas Households in deregulated areas.