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Ever since Texas became energy deregulated, there has been a surge in the number of electricity providers. If you are looking for cheap energy companies, here are a few tips. All these companies, in order to lure the customers, come up with different plans based on popular customer choices. And this is good news for consumers as it creates competition in the energy market. Most of the electricity providers in the competitive markets try to provide the best services to its customers at reasonable rates, but some of them like to play tricks.

The very first thing that you must do when looking for cheap energy companies is to weed out the undesirable ones. It helps to read electricity providers reviews, so you know how long these companies have been in the market,  their electricity plans, and their quality of customer service. This is very important to avoid signing up with cheap energy companies that have shady reputations or who have high levels of customer complaints  registered with the Texas Public Utilities Commission.

Many electricity providers advertise low prices, but at the time of billing, charge additional fees as the result of the hidden small print in their EFL’s (Electricity fact labels). All those hidden charges end up showing up in your bill and you might not be aware of them during the enrollment process.

How can you benefit from “Texas cheap energy companies” and avoid traps?

  1.  Use a free smart shopping electricity plan service like EnerWisely Best Deal Finder to find the plan that works for you and weed out the tricks.  This ensures that the small print of Electricity Fact Labels (a.k.a. EFL’s  or small print of your light plan) is analyzed based on your electricity usage profile to calculate the annualized electric bills. This  includes delivery, transmission, distribution charges, any other additional plan rules, charges and discounts.
  2. Keep in mind that the cheapest electricity and cheapest KWh is what you don’t waste, so watch out for leaks and improve your energy efficiency with the smart home energy efficiency audit tool provided by EnerWisely, and get your Home Energy Score.

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