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These live rates were updated on . Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 KWh. Price includes all fees, and delivery charges.The plans shown correspond to Zip code – 77008.

Payless Power call itself  the #1 Cheap TX Prepaid Electricity Provider.

As a family-owned and operated business, Payless Power was established in 2005 focused on keeping Texans connected to what matters most – Family, home, and community.

By offering easy and affordable energy plans that power your life, Payless Power has established itself as a leading powerhouse in the energy domain. Payless Power has been providing Texans with inexpensive energy plans that are sustainable, accessible, and affordable for the last 15-years – Regardless of income or credit history.

Serving more than 400 deregulated communities in Texas, Payless Power is a dedicated energy company with frequently-updated promotions, discounts, and adaptable-savings plans.

With a strong background of faithfully serving residential homes and small businesses, Payless Power seeks to obtain customers for life, striving to be the go-to provider for all of Texas.


The Payless Power Prepaid Electricity Difference:

Customers rave about the high level of customer service and support that they feel from Payless Power. Payless Power offers benefits including but not limited to:

  • Being the leading non-deposit electric company in Texas
  • Exceptionally-rated customer service that feels ‘human,’ caring, and efficient
  • Features like SmarTricity with Flex-pay – Pre-paid and post-paid electricity plans
  • Green options for a more sustainable and brighter future
  • Versatile plans that don’t put customers in a one-size-fits-all box
  • Month-to-month options that don’t keep you locked in for years
  • The ability to pay weekly, monthly, or even more frequently if necessary, whatever fits into YOUR life!


With Payless Power Everyone is approved. No deposit required.


Payless Power Awards and Honors:

  • Top 5 Best REP in Texas | Texas Electricity Ratings Award
  • The Best Place for Working Parents | Innovator Awards
  • Outstanding Corporate Partner of the Year | Christ’s Haven for Children Award
  • Best Cloud Implementation | Nice/InContact Award

Payless Power Additional Benefits:

Along with affordable plans that integrate into your life with ease, customers also enjoy the additional benefits of:

  • Texts sent right to your phone about your electricity usage; you have the power to manage:
    • Your real-time energy bill from the palm of your hand
    • Insights on your remaining balance, so you don’t have any end-of-the-month fear
    • Updated calculations on your accumulated savings for the day
    • And more! (This feature is also accessible by email if that is extra convenient)
  • Smart Meters that allow for same-day service and quick connections
  • Countless free educational tools and valuable blog content which can be explored


Customer Philosophy:

Although customer service and hands-on support are things that everyone deserves to feel from their energy provider – Surveys and statistics show that most people do not feel valued, important, or well-taken care of by their energy company.

Operated by three brothers, Payless Power understands the importance of powering your life with customer support that can be tangibly felt, backed by a team that genuinely cares about you.  The Payless Power team is here to ensure that you are getting more than the bare minimum from your energy provider.

Payless Energy hand-crafted a customer philosophy that is concentrated on the following core values and principles:

  • Never surprising customers with:
    • Hidden charges
    • Excessive penalties
    • Or that ‘monthly-bill-fear’ that sadly, many bill payers experience
  • Pay-as-you-go availability
  • Keeping rates low with flexible short- and long-term plans
  • Making your energy company work FOR you instead of against you


Payless Power’s No Deposit Plans:

Payless Power believes that everyone uses energy in unique ways. Since each home and individual use energy in distinct ways, detailed-plans were crafted for clients based on the feedback they provided.

You spoke, and Payless Power listened.

Based on the amenities and month-to-month options that customers desired, you can select from their many affordable energy plans to determine the best fit for your lifestyle


Areas Serviced by Payless Power

  • AEP Texas Central: including Corpus Christi, McAllen, Harlingen, and Laredo.
  • AEP Texas North: covering northern Texas including San Angelo, and Vernon.
  • CenterPoint Energy: a large service area covering the Houston metropolitan area
  • Oncor Electric Delivery: another large service area that incorporates Dallas, Piano, and Paris.
  • Texas-New Mexico Power: this service area provides for residents of Houston, Dallas–Fort Worth, and Midland.

Payless Power’s Commercial Offerings:

With resources for multi-family homes and industrial partners alike, an expansion of their commercial offerings include:

  • Partnerships with companies like Utility Choice
  • Ensured value through the best electricity rates for your business
  • Contact us to learn more about commercial plans and get a FREE quote


Payless Power Provides Excellent Customer Service

Payless Power serves their customers with care and respect. They have bilingual customer service representatives that will happily answer any questions you have about your account or the electricity plans they offer. Their customers receive a daily balance and usage notifications via text or email and a detailed end of month statement via email showing the average rate paid.

Customers also receive low balance alerts via text or email 1 to 7 days before their account balance is expected to reach $0 so that customers have adequate time to fund their account without the worry of being disconnected.


What Payless Power Customers Say:

Payless Power boasts a noteworthy 4.6-star service rating based on over 7,000 customer reviews! A few testimonials directly from verified clients are –

  • “Super convenient for my life!!! Awesome customer service.” – Amanda D. in Webster
  • “Love the daily balance updates.” – Kellee C. in Dallas
  • “Love being able to see how much energy is used each day.” – Donald S. in Freeport
  • “I have been with this company for several years and have been very happy since. Even when I moved, they made my usually stressful situation very easy and carefree. I recommend them to everyone.” – Julia L. in Webster
  • “I have enjoyed the service for 2 years now. In the beginning, the service was planned to be temporary, but with the service being so effective for me, I decided to keep it for the long-haul. I am a happy customer.” – Kalandra H. in McKinney
  • “I love you guys.” – Raymond F. in Nacogdoches

Payless Power Company Rating

According to the records of the Texas Public Utility Commission and Power to Choose, as of January 10, 2021 Payless Power has a company rating of 2 starts out of 5.

The company rating indicates the ratio of customer complaints a company has received in the past 6 months compared to other companies. The more stars a company has, the lower the complaint ratio.

This link takes you to the official customer complaint statistics for Payless Power as reported by Power to Choose, the official website of the Public Utility Commission of Texas

Picture, graph, Texas PUCT, Payless Power Customer Complaints history. Texas electricity plans. Smart up your power to choose. EnerWisely is the smart app to compare plans based on your consumption and get cheap electricity. Sign up free

Chart showing trend in customer complaints for Payless Power Jul 2020 to Jan 2021 (Source: Texas PUC )


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EnerWisely finds the electricity plans with the lowest cost based on your usage patterns

With EnerWisely, you are always in control; that is why it offers multiple ways to shop. However, when it comes to finding the best plan, customization based on your real consumption patterns is the key. 

Because you use different appliances during different periods, your electricity consumption changes over time. Once you see your real usage trends, you will understand why using “an average consumption” might lead you to the wrong choices. 

Instead, take advantage of EnerWisely Technology now. Use the FREE TOOL Energy MatchMaker and identify the electricity plan with the lowest cost based on your real usage patterns.

The process is 100% done online, so you get results within minutes. Most Texas homes already have smart meters installed by the utility companies; therefore, there is no need or extra cost for new devices.

Yeap, it complies with DataGuard, the standard for energy data privacy. Your savings don`t come at the cost of your privacy. So unlike other services, with us, your data is never sold or shared! 

EnerWisely is the best free, smart, and easy way to compare energy rates in Texas.

1- First of all, signup for FREE to access EnerWisely’s powerful analytics. All you need is your address, meter number, and electricity provider name to securely access your home`s electric meter data.
2- Next, instantly see your real consumption patterns including seasonal changes, days vs. nights, and weekdays vs. weekends.
3- Then, evaluate the compatibility  between all the plans in our database and your profile
4- Consequently, cut through the clutter with top recommendations ranked by matching scores based on each plan estimated total cost
5- In conclusion, order confidently to maximize your savings and get extra perks to stay on track.

EnerWisely, Picture, Where To Find your Smart Meter Number
How to find my Smart Meter number


EnerWisely Keeps Your Data Safe & Private.

EnerWisely, cyber security lock, The smart app to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint

EnerWisely uses 128-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your data to our site.

EnerWisely privacy shield, The smart app to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint

EnerWisely complies with the US Department of Energy DataGuard Privacy Standard.

Also, use EnerWisely and say goodbye to partial savings! 

EnerWisely is more than an electricity shopping site. It is the only personalized energy management platform free for consumers in Texas. 

Your full savings potential comes from finding the lowest costs electricity plan, and ALSO improving your energy efficiency. Since EnerWisely helps you with both, you finally have a way to stop missing out on savings. 

With EnerWisely, you get the only service capable of analyzing your home features to evaluate your energy leaks and show you where and how to save more. Also, EnerWisely can show you the climate impact of your energy use. 

In conclusion, when it comes to saving money and protecting the planet, there is no reason to compromise. With EnerWisely, your improvements in Energy Efficiency will always mean bigger money savings and lower emissions.

Payless Power Business Contact Information

Payless Power’s headquarters in Texas are located in:

5850 San Felipe St #500, Houston, TX 77057

Report a Payless Power Outage

If you have a Payless Power outage, you need to report this to your transmission and delivery service provider (TDSP). This is not the same company as your retail electricity provider (REP).

Payless Power is a REP and not a TDSP, so you will have to reach out your local area TDU to report a power outage:

  • Oncor: 888-313-4747
  • AEP: 866-223-8508
  • CenterPoint Energy: 800-332-7143
  • Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP): 888-866-7456
  • Sharyland Utilities: 800-545-4513

Find your right Electricity Plan: Use your Power to Choose Wisely!

Logo Payless Power. Prepaid Texas electricity plans. Smart up your power to choose. EnerWisely is the smart app to compare plans based on your consumption and get cheap electricity. Sign up free
Finding an electricity plan is easy, but finding the plan that works can be hard.
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Logo, Energy Match Maker, EnerWisely, Smart up your power to choose. EnerWisely is the smart app to compare plans based on your consumption and get cheap electricity. Sign up free
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 You’re unique & So is Your Energy

Picture, save energy. Smart up your power to choose. EnerWisely is the smart app to compare plans based on your consumption and get cheap electricity. Sign up free

So, Go beyond cookie cutter solutions. Make smarter, personalized energy decisions based on your own real usage profile.

Connect your data
Picture, customized electricity plans. Smart up your power to choose. EnerWisely is the smart app to compare plans based on your consumption and get cheap electricity. Sign up free
Picture, money sign, Save Money. Smart up your power to choose. EnerWisely is the smart app to compare plans based on your consumption and get cheap electricity. Sign up free

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