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Electricity bills are getting more expensive in the U.S., with larger cities expecting as much as a 10% increase. Homeowners need reliable energy providers to give them an affordable rate. 

But finding the best electricity provider isn’t so simple. You have to consider their flexibility and how environmentally-conscious they are. 

Luckily, Amigo Energy stands above the rest as one of the best electricity providers in the Texas area. They offer cheap electricity for a variety of different customers. 

In this review of Amigo Energy, we’ll be covering what makes this provider unique and the different benefits you’ll get if you choose Amigo Energy. 

Who Is Amigo Energy?

Amigo Energy is a well-established electricity provider in the Texas area working as a Just Energy Group member.

Amigo Energy ranks consistently as one of the most environmentally-friendly providers in the state. Some of their plans allow customers to purchase credit equal to about 100% of their electricity from renewable sources like solar. 

For over 15 years, Amigo Energy has powered homes around Texas with reliable and affordable electricity. They cover homes in Houston, Corpus Christi, Waco, San Angelo, Dallas, Irving, and West Texas. 

But what specific services does Amigo Energy offer, and how beneficial are they? Let’s start by taking a look at their energy plans. 

Amigo Energy Plans

Amigo Energy has six main plans that offer you a variety of benefits, depending on your priorities. Whether it’s budget, energy efficiency, or the time of day you use electricity, Amigo Energy’s got something for you. 

Let’s see just what these plans offer. 

Truly Fixed Plan

If you choose the Truly Fixed Plan, you pay the same amount for electricity month-to-month. You could save a bit of cash over a more extended period since the rate stays the same throughout your contract. 

This plan also bundles all of your charges into your electricity rate, including Transmission and Distribution Provider charges. With a Truly Fixed plan, your bills are simpler, and the prediction of your utility costs much easier. 

Nights Free Plan

The Nights Free Plan is perfect for night owls who typically stay awake during the evening and use their electricity during off-hours. By shifting your energy-usage to later in the day, Amigo Energy credits your bill for nighttime kWh usage. 

So using Nights Free Plans, you can get 70 free kilowatt-hours of electricity every week. If you spend most of your electricity at night, the Nights Free Plan could be very cost-effective. And if you are unsure about how much energy you consume at night, sign up to EnerWisely for free and get the answer within minutes. 

Green Energy Plan

The Green Energy Plan allows Amigo Energy to purchase renewable energy credits on your behalf. An excellent resource for homes looking to reduce their carbon footprint and use environmentally-friendly energy sources. 

If you use the Green Energy Plan, 100% of the energy you use will be renewable. With competitive and fixed rates, you could receive an affordable bill, even as you use renewable energy. 

Assurance Plan

Homeowners often worry about variable energy rates and unexpectedly high electricity bills. The Assurance Plan takes those stresses away by giving you fixed electricity rates for 24 months. 

This means that you won’t have to worry about any spikes in electricity payments. The Assurance plan is for people who want to have more consistency when budgeting monthly bills. 

Basics Plan

If you want more control over what you pay and how long you stay with Amigo Energy, the Basics Plan is the right choice. You can choose your contract duration. 


Any of the five electricity plan options can add the JustGreen option to make that plan 100% renewable energy. It costs an extra $9.99 per month for Amigo Energy to purchase renewable energy credits on your behalf. 

This option is excellent for those who want to optimize their monthly electricity bills while remaining environmentally friendly.  

Amigo Energy Benefits

Amigo Energy’s diverse set of plans is one of its greatest strengths, as practically any homeowner can look at their offerings to find something they like. They go out of their way to make paying for electricity as simple as possible. 

They also offer plenty of online resources, including an electricity bill breaks down— a handy tool for people unfamiliar with all different charges in a document like this. 

Amigo Energy also provides different payment options. Whether it’s by phone, through physical mail, online, or even through their mobile app, there’s plenty of options for their customers to pay their bills. 

The My Amigo web portal lets you monitor your electricity usage in real-time and even make your account changes on your phone. It offers 24/7 services, meaning you can tinker with your settings at any time in the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Amigo Energy users often have questions about their services. Here are some of the most popular inquiries.  

How Long Does It Take to Set up Amigo Energy’s Services?

Generally takes about 3 to 10 days. 

What’s the Cheapest Rate I Can get?

Based on the information on their website, as of January 13th, 2021, The cheapest rate you can get at Amigo is about 11 cents per kWh. For a household consuming an average of 1,000 kWh/month, the bill would be around up to about $110 a month. 

What Happens Once My Amigo Energy Contract Ends?

After a contract ends, you can renew your contract using the same plan or change to a new plan. Otherwise, you will automatically move to the default month-to-month rate.  

Are there late fees?

Yes, there is a 5% late fee if you don’t pay by the designated due date. If you pay within that time frame, there are no fees. 

Looking for the Right Electricity Providers?

Suppose you’re in the process of choosing an energy provider in the Texas area. In that case, hopefully, this Amigo Energy review is helpful to decide whether this provider is the right choice for you!


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Amigo Energy Company Rating

As of January 10, 2021 Amigo Energy has a company rating of 2 starts out of 5 according to Power to Choose. The company rating is based on the ratio of customer complaints a company has received in the last six months compared to other companies. The more starts a company has, the lower the complaint ratio.

This link takes you to the official customer complaint statistics for Amigo Energy as reported by Power to Choose, the official website of the Public Utility Commission of Texas

Picture, graph, Texas PUCT, Amigo Energy Customer Complaints history. Texas electricity plans. Smart up your power to choose. EnerWisely is the smart app to compare plans based on your consumption and get cheap electricity. Sign up free

Chart showing trend in customer complaints for Amigo Energy Jul 2020 to Jan 2021 (Source: Texas PUC )


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