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Understand your Energy Use to Maximize Savings.

Reduce Cost & Cut Carbon Emissions.

EnerWisely Savings Calculator transforms your energy usage patterns into a personalized blueprint to maximize your savings.

Once you understand your energy consumption better, you can act to realize your savings potential. In other words, get better energy efficiency and eliminate waste. All while you also reduce carbon emissions.

Most Texas homes already have Smart Electricity Meters installed by utility companies. EnerWisely helps you transform this information into your easy way to make daily-life Smart Energy Choices.

How EnerWisely`s Energy Calculator works:

EnerWisely works 100% online, without the need for additional equipment or onsite inspections, and you get results within minutes.

  1. Start by signing up for FREE to securely access your home’s electric use history. All you need is your address, meter number, and electricity provider name.
  2. Then, get your consumption patterns instantly broken down by days vs nights, weekdays vs weekends, and seasons.
  3. Next, answer a few questions about your lifestyle and your electricity plan to seee your carbon emissions.
  4. Finally, enter some basic home features to evaluate your energy efficiency.
  5. In addition, you also get EXTRA PERKS to find more savings and stay on track to reach your goals.

To learn more about the benefits that EnerWisely offers, simply scroll down.

How to Find your Smart Meter Number

Where To Find your Smart Meter Number

The story behind EnerWisely Savings Calculator

Everybody wants to make the right choices to save money and protect the planet. For example, people use credit scores to improve their finances. However, when it comes to energy, people lacked an easy way to understand where they stood and how to improve.

Without the right tools, reducing costs and emissions seems out of reach. That’s why our team developed EnerWisely Savings Calculator. It turns your usage patterns into a customized action plan. So that you can improve energy efficiency to reduce energy bills and emissions in your daily life.

Savings Calculator to Reduce Energy Cost and Cut Emissions

Use Trends

Quickly, see how your energy use changes. That is through the days, nights, weeks, weekends, and year.

EnerWisely helps to Cut Carbon Emissions

Reduce Carbon Emissions

See the emissions generated by your electricity use. See them in terms of equivalent car miles driven and the number of trees needed to offset it.

EnerWisely helps detect and fix energy leaks

Energy Leaks

Customize considering your lifestyle, so you can learn how much money and energy you’re inadvertently wasting. Hint: This could be doubling your bill.

EnerWisely compares energy use vs similar homes in your area

Benchmark vs. Similar Homes

Having points of reference are important to set goals. So, see how your energy consumption compares with that of similar homes in your area.

EnerWisely breaks down total energy use

Breakdown by Main Appliances

BIG savings start with small steps. See the main components of your total cost and energy consumption.

EnerWisely helps improve energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Account for your home features to see clearly how much you are already saving and how much more you could save. Easily decide where and how to act.

Savings Calculator. Progress Tracker. Results

Savings Calculator Dashboard

Stay on track, monitoring changes in your consumption trends, and progress.

EnerWisely Energy FingerPrint

Interactive Energy FingerPrint

Update your profile when there are changes in your home therefore calculate more savings for you.

EnerWisely offers notifications to stay on track

Periodic Monitoring Reports

Stay on track monitoring changes in your consumption trends. Also, gGet reminders about your electricity plan expiration.

The EnerWisely Guarantee

EnerWisely is the one-stop customized energy savings calculator guaranteed to:

  • First, transform your energy use history, into your customized savings potential including
      • Consumption Patterns Breakdown
      • Environmental Impact Analysis
      • Energy Efficiency evaluation
  • Then, help you set up your action plan and track your progress
  • All while protecting your data, which is never sold or shared
EnerWisely complies with DataGuard

Are you ready to Save Money & Cut Carbon Emissions?

EnerWisely Savings Calculator. Understand. Act. Save.

It is easy as 1,2,3 and the service is FREE. So, there is nothing to lose and you could SAVE A LOT!