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The Energy MatchMaker by EnerWisely is the only free service that analyzes your actual energy consumption so you can shop for the best electricity plan with the biggest savings.

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Get recommendations tailored to your household consumption so that you can maximize savings.

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Typical savings: $100’s

Based on Reference Homes Similar To Yours

Use our database to select based on homes similar to yours.

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  • Expiration Reminders
  • Energy Saving Tips
  • Graphical Cost Estimates
  • EFL Based All-in Cost Estimates

Typical savings: Vary

Estimates Based on Typical Home Sizes

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  • Expiration Reminders
  • Energy Saving Tips

Shop Texas Electricity Plans & Get One Year of Free Electricity

EnerWisely is eager to maximize your savings, so we’re giving away one year of free electricity!

All Energy FingerPrint and Energy Matchmaker users receive an entry in the drawing.

How EnerWisely Helps You Save More

   Solutions Tailored to Your Usage – Don’t rely on general, cookie-cutter plans that promise all-around savings. At EnerWisely, your plan matches are based on comprehensive and unbiased analytics covering the last 12 months of your electricity consumption. We offer electricity plans based on hard data.

   Always Find Ways to Improve – Your electricity plan will reveal where you can improve. You learn concrete steps to maximize energy efficiency.

   Eliminate Energy Leaks – No more energy wastage. You’ll understand electricity leaks and address them immediately.

Our Texas Partner Electricity Providers Empowering your Power to Choose

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EnerWisely provides a simplified way of comparing electricity plans and providers. Whatever plan or provider you choose, you’re on the path towards bigger savings.

Utility Areas Serviced by EnerWisely


CenterPoint is one of the five principal Transmission Distribution Utilities (TDU) in Texas, which serves over 7 million customers.


Oncor is the largest electric utility company in Texas and the sixth-largest in the country, serving over 10 million Texans.

Finding an electricity plan is easy. But finding one that works isn’t.

That’s why we developed the Energy MatchMaker.

It uses unbiased analytics to match your usage with electricity plans in our database. Once you complete your Energy FingerPrint, the Energy Matchmaker will analyze your usage patterns and compare them with our electricity plans. Then, it identifies the ones that best match your usage profile. You get plan matches with the lowest total costs and avoid surprise charges.

All you need to do is select from our recommended plan matches and order the plan. Quick, easy, and effective.

Picture - EnerWisely One-Stop Smart Energy Savings

How does Energy MatchMaker help you shop for the most cost-effective electricity in Texas?

With EnerWisely, you are always in control. That is why we provide multiple ways to shop. Whether browsing plans on your own, finding a quick-match, or using our comprehensive Energy MatchMaker, we help you make smart energy choices. However, when it comes to finding the best plan or savings beyond electricity rates, customization based on your real consumption patterns is the key because your energy use is as unique as you, and it changes over time.

EnerWisely serves people who want to switch providers, as well as people who are moving to Texas and looking for cost-effective electricity.

Here is how Energy MatchMaker works:

  1. Signup to access securely your home`s electric meter data
  2. See your real consumption patterns, including seasonal changes, days vs. nights, and weekdays vs. weekends.
  3. Evaluate the compatibility between all the plans in our database and your profile
  4. Cut through the clutter with top recommendations ranked by matching scores based on your desired criteria and the total cost
  5. Order your plan match and get extra perks to find more savings and to stay on track.
Where To Find your Smart Meter Number

Powering the Entire Lone Star State

EnerWisely provides electricity plans for households all over Texas, especially Houston and Dallas. Shop cost-effective plans for you, wherever you are in the state.

Testimonials from Customers Who Now Enjoy Energy Savings

Because BIG Savings Start with Small Steps. See how EnerWisely is helping users shop Texas Electricity Plans & Lower their real energy cost.

EnerWisely Keeps Your Data Safe & Private.


We use 128-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your data to our site.

Energy Data Privacy

We are compliant with the US Department of Energy DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Standard.

The story and the team behind EnerWisely

After many years of using technology and analytics to optimize energy operations, our team of experts took notice of people’s complaints about hard to explain, rising energy costs.

So, the team invented EnerWisely, an easy-to-use way to transform your electric meter data into your most powerful weapon against expensive bills. Our power lies in the way we use data, like when we rely on hard numbers to find the best solutions for our customers. We help them make smart choices on savings, energy, and environmental protection.

Our Guarantee

EnerWisely is the only personalized energy management platform guaranteed to

– Find the best electricity plan based on your real usage profile
– Find additional savings beyond electricity plans and rates
– Continue tracking and supporting your progress to turn your aspirations into tangible results
– Protect your data, which is never sold or shared

What makes Energy MatchMaker the best way to compare & Shop Texas Electricity Plans?

Customized based on Your Real Energy Data

We generate your personalized Energy FingerPrint, so you can shop for energy plans that fit your specific usage patterns in Texas.

EnerWisely Calculates your Energy Matching Score to find the lowest cost electricity plans

Matching Score

Our unbiased calculation engine generates a unique, personalized matching score that indicates the level of compatibility between you and each plan available.

Electricity Plan Savings & beyond

Finds the plan that bests fits your goals and maximize your monetary savings in daily-life energy efficiency, leaks reduction, and environmental impact.

EnerWisely Energy MatchMaker, Lowest Cost Electricity considering all the small print in EFL's

All-In Costs

We integrate your real consumption profile and all the components of each plan’s rate to accurately and comprehensively calculate your all-in cost.

-Except Taxes-

Cut Through the Clutter

With more than 1000+ electricity plans in Texas, our analytics help you find and shop that best fit your personal matching criteria.

EnerWisely Energy MatchMaker, Shop Lowest Cost Electricity, see side by side comparisons

Side-by-Side Plan Comparisons

See how the costs and environmental impact of your current plan compares to the plans available based on your actual energy data.

Shop Texas Electricity Plans and get extra perks to save more.

The Energy MatchMaker offers more than just plan matches. After ordering your energy plan, you also have access to a wealth of cost-saving benefits.

Energy Dashboard

Access it anytime to track you progress, monitor changes in your consumption trends and your savings.

EnerWisely Energy FingerPrint

Interactive Energy FingerPrint

Update your profile when there are changes in your home to find additional savings for you.

EnerWisely offers notifications to stay on track

Periodic Reports & Tips

We will keep an eye out for you for significant changes in your consumption trends and tips to save more.

Plan Renewal Alerts

We will remind you when your plan is about to expire so that you can either renew on time or select a new one.

Are you in the wrong Texas Electricity plan or paying more than you should?

Energy MatchMaker is the easy way to find out.
It doesn`t hurt to check, plus It’s easy-to-use and FREE for Texas Households in deregulated areas.

Get your personalized real usage analysis to find the plans compatible Typical savings: $1000+

Use our database to select based on homes similar to your Typical savings: $100's

See all plants and select based on typical home sizes. Typical savings: Vary