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As an Energy Star Partner, EnerWisely offers 100% online, Free Energy Efficiency Assessments to Texas Households.

A free Energy Efficiency Assessment from EnerWisely can help you analyze your home’s energy usage to save energy and money. You’ll learn how much energy your home uses, when, where, and how. You’ll also see any problem areas where you’re wasting energy and learn how to make simple improvements to use less energy in your home.

EnerWisely helps you understand how your home uses energy. When you take the Energy Efficiency Quiz, you get a savings roadmap with personalized recommendations to save energy and money.

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What is an Energy Efficiency Quiz?

Put simply, an Energy Efficiency Quiz is a review of your home’s energy use. The quiz looks at your historical energy usage and home features to identify things you can do to make your home more energy efficient.

Depending on the size of your home, an in-person assessment can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and take several hours. An inspector examines the inside and outside of your home, paying particular attention to areas where heat or cold air might be escaping. The inspector also examines your furnace, air conditioner, water heater, and all appliances and electronics to evaluate their energy use and efficiency.

Realizing that no everyone can afford or is interested in an in-person analysis, EnerWisely provides a 100% on-line Energy Efficiency Quiz, which is easy and only takes a few minutes. At the end of the process you will receive a personalized savings roadmap including the actions to optimize your energy use and save money.

Why You Need an Energy Efficiency Quiz

When it comes to energy, the cleanest and cheapest kilowatt is the one that is not wasted. An Energy Efficiency Quiz helps you identify those wasted kilowatts and suggests how to become more energy efficient.
Without an Energy Efficiency Assessment, you have no way of knowing how much energy you’re wasting, or why. With EnerWisely’s online quiz, you’ll see how your energy usage compares to similar households and where and how you could become more energy efficient. In other words, you will minimize unnecessary energy usage and leaks.
In short, an Energy Efficiency Quiz will save you energy and money.

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Get Your FREE Energy Efficiency Quiz from EnerWisely

You could spend hundreds of dollars for an in-depth, in-person evaluation of your home’s energy consumption – or you could start your 100% free online Energy Efficiency Quiz with EnerWisely right now.

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It’s Online and It’s Free

There is no cost to take EnerWisely’s Energy Efficiency Quiz. It will analyze your home’s features, your historical energy consumption trends, and habits to find opportunities to save money and reduce your climate impact.

How It Works

Here’s how EnerWisely’s free online Energy Efficiency Quiz works.


First, we connect to your home’s meter data. This provides immediate insight into your energy consumption trends – day vs. night, weekday vs. weekend, and so on.


Next, you tell us about your family’s lifestyle – when you wake up and go to sleep, when you leave home and when you return, etc. We’ll use that information to calculate energy leaks or unintentionally wasted electricity and money. We’ll also estimate the environmental impact of your home’s electricity consumption.


Finally, you input information about your home’s key features – age, size, type of heating and cooling systems, and more. EnerWisely will then assess your home’s total energy efficiency.

What You Get

Once you complete your Energy Efficiency Quiz, you receive your personalized savings roadmap and a dashboard that you can access on your computer or mobile device anytime. These tools will help you take action to reduce your home energy bills and track your progress.

Your dashboard will show you how your home’s energy consumption compares with others in the area. You’ll also get a breakdown of your total energy usage in key categories – air conditioning, heating, laundry, TV and entertainment, lighting, and so forth. You can view these insights as either dollars or kilowatt-hours (KWh).

You will also get your home energy score, an easy way to know how energy efficient in your home. EnerWisely home energy score is shown in a scale from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the better your home energy efficiency. Share your score with friends and family and compare with others in your area.

During this entire process, EnerWisely provides you with valuable tips for saving energy. You will see where and how to save the most energy and make the most of your money.


Take Action After Your Energy Efficiency Quiz

With the results of your free Energy Efficiency Quiz from EnerWisely, you can take action on the items identified. There are lots of things you can do to realize big energy savings, including:

  1. Locate and eliminate drafts and energy leaks
  2. Seal doors and windows
  3. Patch leaks in your duct system
  4. Upgrade your HVAC system
  5. Adjust your appliances settings and schedules
  6. Improve your home’s insulation


You may also choose to make simple lifestyle changes that can save lots of energy. You can do things like lowering your thermostat at night (during the winter) or raising it by a few degrees (during the summer). You could also install a smart thermostat that adjusts the temperature when you leave a room or aren’t at home.

There’s no point in guessing, however. When you take EnerWisely free Energy Efficiency Quiz, you’ll find out the specific things you can do to save money in your own home.

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Achieve Maximum Energy Efficiency with EnerWisely

Taking the free online Energy Efficiency Assessment is just the beginning of how EnerWisely can help your household save money on energy costs. EnerWisely also offers you a personalized dashboard to help you stay on track. Access your account anytime and anywhere to monitor your progress towards your goals, win prizes, and to explore additional EnerWisely services to save more.

EnerWisely, is a one-stop energy savings solution for residents of Texas. As an Energy Star Partner, EnerWisely provides 100% online, entirely free energy efficiency assessments to consumers in our community. EnerWisely also complies with DataGuard, data privacy standard, so the data collected is safe and never sold or shared.

EnerWisely is a product of Quantum New Energy, a climate technology company dedicated to energy innovation. After years of solving challenges for some of the largest energy companies in the world, we are using that experience to empower everyday consumers to make smarter and more informed decisions about their energy use.