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EnerWisely presents the Energy MatchMaker, the only free online service that helps you shop for the most cost-effective electricity plans in Dallas, based on your actual energy usage. Don’t pay more than you have to. Sign up today.

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EnerWisely will compare electric rates in Dallas and recommend the right one for you.

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Typical savings: Vary

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  • Expiration Reminders
  • Energy Saving Tips

Get One Year of Free Electricity

EnerWisely wants you to maximize your energy savings, so we’re giving away one year of free electricity. All Energy FingerPrint and Energy MatchMaker users in Dallas receive one entry into our drawing.

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How EnerWisely Helps You Save More

✓  Plan Matches Based on Your Usage – The Energy MatchMaker recommends electricity plans in Dallas based on your actual usage pattern. It runs powerful analytics to match your usage with a plan that will deliver the biggest savings.

✓  A Clear Picture of Your Consumption – The Energy FingerPrint shows you a clear picture of your energy usage, revealing the energy leaks and breaking down energy use into different categories.

✓   Solutions Tailored to Your Home – The Energy FingerPrint shows you concrete steps you need to take to maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Supporting Empowered Customers in Dallas

EnerWisely helps you choose from these reliable utility companies and providers in Dallas.

Find Cost-Effective Energy Plans with the Energy MatchMaker

The Energy MatchMaker uses comprehensive and unbiased analytics on your energy usage. It matches your usage patterns with the energy plans in our database and recommends the ones with the lowest total costs, helping save a huge amount.

Utility Companies We Work With

In Dallas, we work with Oncor, one of the five main Transmission Distribution Utilities (TDU) in Texas. Oncor provides power for over 10 million Texans in 420 cities and 120 counties.

Our Electricity Providers in the Dallas Area

Compare different electric rates in Dallas.

New Power Texas

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Chariot Energy

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Texpo Energy

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Pulse Power

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Lone Star Energy

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Cirro Energy

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh


Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Discount Power

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Green Mountain Energy Company

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Reliant Energy

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Energy To Go

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Payless Power

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh


Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

How Energy MatchMaker Finds the Best Choice for You

What sets Energy MatchMaker apart is that it bases its recommendations on your actual consumption patterns. The analytics evaluates your last 12 months of energy consumption. Then, it compares electric rates in our database of Dallas energy plans to find the best match for your lifestyle.

You get the ones with the lowest cost and the biggest savings.

How Energy FingerPrint Helps You Save a Lot

EnerWisely developed Energy FingerPrint, a free, online energy cost calculator that gives you a rich insight into how you consume electricity. With your consent, it accesses your personal usage profile via Smart Meter. It then breaks your usage patterns into easy-to-read reports.

You can quickly identify energy leaks, possible cost reductions, and the environmental impact of your consumption.
Energy FingerPrint also helps you compare energy plans in Dallas.

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Here is how Energy MatchMaker works:

  1. Signup to access securely your home`s electric meter data
  2. See your real consumption patterns, including seasonal changes, days vs. nights, and weekdays vs. weekends.
  3. Evaluate the compatibility between all the plans in our database and your profile
  4. Cut through the clutter with top recommendations ranked by matching scores based on your desired criteria and the total cost
  5. Order your plan match and get extra perks to find more savings and to stay on track.
Where To Find your Smart Meter Number

EnerWisely Keeps Your Data Safe and Private


Information transmission is protected by 128-bit encryption.

Energy Data Privacy

We are US Department of Energy DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Standard-compliant.

Why You Should Compare Energy Rates in Dallas, Texas

Texas has a deregulated energy market, which means consumers in Dallas have the freedom to choose from electricity providers. You can shop for the most cost-effective electricity rates. As such, you can select a plan that gives you the most savings.

Customers often have a difficult time choosing because there are many plans available.

EnerWisely helps you cut through the clutter and select the best plan for your household.

✓  We make choosing easier. With Energy MatchMaker, you don’t have to browse energy plans. We recommend the right ones based on your usage.

✓  We go beyond recommendations. With the Energy FingerPrint, you get rich insights into your energy consumption.

✓  We give you big savings. We enable you to get the lowest electricity rates in Dallas.

The EnerWisely Guarantee

EnerWisely is the only personalized energy management platform in Dallas that:

• Uses your real energy usage data to find the best electricity plan
• Helps you find additional savings beyond electricity plans
• Continuously help you reduce your bill
• Protect your data strictly. We never sell or share our customers’ information

Get the Biggest Savings Possible

Use our Energy MatchMaker today to get the best deal. Shop electricity plans in Dallas.

Get your personalized real usage analysis to find the plans compatible Typical savings: $1000+

Use our database to select based on homes similar to your Typical savings: $100's

See all plants and select based on typical home sizes. Typical savings: Vary