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  • Expiration Reminders
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  • EnerWisely Rewards Program

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Shop with EnerWisely and You Could Win One Year of Free Electricity

When shop your EnerWisely plan with EnerWisely, you join our rewards program. It works for customers of all electricity companies. We are giving away one year of free electricity. Join the Challenge!

Why you should compare power plans, rates, and electricity providers in Houston?

You  have the power to choose your electricity providers in Houston. In this competitive market, there are many electricity companies, plans and rates . But the terms and pricing can be confusing, and sometimes providers use that to their advantage.

Fortunately, there is no need to call multiple companies or to get irritating surprises when your bills are not what the advertisements promised.

EnerWisely is the best way to shop Electricity Plans in Houston. We make comparing local electricity prices a snap. Instantly compare the electric companies head-to-head. We collect competing electric company pricing information to find cheap electricity.

Best of all, EnerWisely checks the compatibility of each plan with your energy use profile. This means you get the lowest cost electricity plans in Houston. No surprises or extra fees.

Shop electricity plans Houston and join our rewards program. We guaranteed to:

– Quickly, easily and free, find the lowest cost electricity plans in Houston based on your electricity use history
– Help you find additional savings in energy efficiency
– Provide free tools and weekly reports to help you track your savings
– Protect your data, which is never sold or shared

Shop Electricity Plans Houston

 CenterPoint Energy,  is the Transmission Distribution Utility (TDU) for Houston and surrounding areas. Use your power to choose wisely. Compare multiple electricity providers and rates in Houston.

New Power Texas

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Chariot Energy

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Texpo Energy

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Pulse Power

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Lone Star Energy

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Cirro Energy

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh


Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Discount Power

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Green Mountain Energy Company

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Reliant Energy

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Energy To Go

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

Payless Power

Plan Name Term Rate/KWh


Plan Name Term Rate/KWh

How does EnerWisely find the best deal?

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. You get results in minutes and it’s free!

What to do next:

  1. Sign up for free and link your energy use history. If you have trouble finding your meter number, just upload a picture of your most recent electricity bill and we will help you.
  2. Next, select the things that are important to you when selecting an electricity plan. Cost, Green content, electricity company customer satisfaction rating.
  3. Ready, your top best deals are shown with their matching scores. Simply order the one you like.
Where To Find your Smart Meter Number

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Do MORE with you Power to Choose

  Goodbye irritating surprises and fees –  EnerWisely can use your real energy use profile and embeds the small print to find the plan that works.

  Improve you Home Energy Score – See your home energy score which shows how efficient your home is. Get recommendations to improve.

   Eliminate Energy Waste – People waste about 30% of their energy. See how much you’re wasting and take control.