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The Best All-In-One

Personalized Energy Insight & Monitoring Platform  

No two energy consumers are the same, so why settle for a one-size-fits all solution? Energy FingerPrint makes it simple to find the savings hidden in your own energy data and make smarter energy choices.


Unleash the power of your energy data.


Your energy consumption data is measured and stored by the smart meter already installed in your home. Until now, however, it has mainly been used only to generate your bill, offering minimal value and insight.

Energy FingerPrint’s patented technology helps you translate your own energy data into personalized energy intelligence to make smarter energy choices.

Our platform also provides an easy-to-use, interactive interface that takes into account your unique lifestyle, behaviors, and home features. Get as much or as little energy insights as you’d like to understand your consumption better and maximize your savings.

The best personalized energy intelligence platform for…

Consumption Trends

See how your energy consumption uniquely changes throughout the days, nights, weeks, weekends, and year.

Environmental Impact

We calculate the emissions generated by your electricity consumption and put it in terms of equivalent car miles driven and the number of trees needed to offset it.

Energy Leaks

Our energy leakage analytics tell you how much money and energy you’re inadvertently wasting.

Benchmark vs. Similar Homes

See how your consumption compares with that of similar homes in your area.

Breakdown by Main Appliances

See what the main contributors to your total energy consumption are.

Efficiency Indicators

Gain personalized insights into how much energy and money you are already saving or could save based on your home features

We support the journey towards your energy goals!

Personalized Energy Dashboard

Track the progress towards your energy goals, monitoring changes in your consumption trends and energy indicators.

Interactive Energy FingerPrint

Update your profile when there are changes in your home, and your FingerPrint will find additional savings for you.

Periodic Monitoring Reports

We will keep an eye out for you and let you know if there are significant changes in your consumption trends.

Ready to get started?

Energy FingerPrint is the only personalized energy intelligence platform that’s FREE for Texas Households in deregulated areas.