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Environmental Savings

Find out how your energy consumption is affecting the environment to reduce your carbon footprint.

Efficiency Savings

Learn where you can improve and find out how you can better your energy consumption for maximum efficiency.

EnerWisely identifies Electricity Leaks

Eliminate Leaks

Understand your electricity leaks so that you can minimize the amount of energy that you’re inadvertently wasting.

Plan Savings

Save money and stop overpaying by selecting an electricity plan that best fits your lifestyle, preferences, and energy goals.

Your Savings don`t come at the cost of your Privacy.

EnerWisely Protects your Data.


128-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your data to our site.

Energy Data Privacy

Compliant with the US Department of Energy DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Standard.

The EnerWisely Guarantee

EnerWisely is the one-stop, customized energy savings calculator guaranteed to:

  • First, transform your energy use history, into your customized savings potential, including:
  • Then, help you set up your action plan and track your progress
  • All while protecting your data, which is never sold or shared

The EnerWisely Story

Picture EnerWisely Energy Innovation & Credentials

How we switched teams, from large scale energy to daily-life energy consumer empowerment…

Our team spent many years using technology and analytics to optimize efficiency and cost in the Energy industry. And that is when it became apparent that those same tools could help energy consumers reduce costs and emissions.

So, we spoke with thousands of people, listening carefully to their concerns about energy. As a result, we learned that consumers were focusing most of their time and effort in choosing the wrong electricity plans.

To make things worse, they were also missing other significant but hidden factors that make their bills skyrocket. And the reason was… Consumers didn’t have the tools to turn their raw data into personalized guidance to make smart energy choices.

That’s why we created EnerWisely. A simple way to transform your electric meter data into your most powerful weapon against expensive bills. With EnerWisely, we bridge the gap, by providing unbiased, thorough yet easy-to-use ways to make better informed, daily-life smarter energy choices. We make it easy to tackle high bills and act on climate impact.

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