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The most important challenge for the future of energy is to shift from a siloed, supply-driven model toward an integratedsystems perspective that incorporates and empowers the consumer.

We partner and collaborate with other innovators, value chain players, and the community, leveraging our combined expertise and providing consumers with end-to-end, simplified energy solutions. By working together, we can make the greatest impact.

We look forward to partnering with all stakeholders in the community and the energy value chain that share our vision for sustainable energy abundance, transparency, and consumer empowerment, including:

  • Utilities & Retail Electricity Providers
  • Energy Brokers
  • Community Action Agencies
  • Educators
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Utilities & Retail Electricity Providers (REP`s)

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The dominant question for every energy provider experiencing industry transformation is, how will you innovate along with your customers? How will you keep customers engaged and empowered by energy, not just passively served?
In deregulated energy markets, retail electricity providers compete for customers, spending disproportionately huge sums of money trying to attract customers who are often overwhelmed by the number of choices in the market. EnerWisely helps providers lower customer acquisition costs and improve customer satisfaction by simplifying those energy choices for them.

With an estimated 40% of Texas` state population comprised by Hispanics, EnerWisely`s fully bilingual English and Spanish capabilities are sure to more effectively reach and better serve a broader customer demographic.
EnerWisely’s Smart Energy Choice platform is open to all Utilities & Retail Energy Providers (REP`s) sharing our vision for transparency and consumer empowerment. REP`s can join us to increase their brand awareness and gain access to new customers.

In both deregulated and regulated energy markets, retail electricity providers interested in better understanding their customers and bridging the gap between how energy is delivered and how customers use energy can choose to license our patented technology platform API`s (Software as a Service – SaaS). Working with us can deepen their customer relationships with personalized offerings that are better aligned with customers’ needs and wants. It will also help de-risk their forecasting operations.

If you are interested in discussing the benefits of joining our growing network of energy partners, please contact us.

Energy Brokers

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Retail electric brokers connect buyers with sellers of electricity. While not necessary for every customer, some customers use brokers and are willing to pay for this service. Many non-residential electric customers use brokers as an alternative to develop in-house expertise to negotiate a retail electric contract. These can be commercial and industrial business owners, but can also include churches, schools, and other community organizations.

This type of services allows customers to achieve lower rates but can also expose them to more financial risk. Customers depend on the retail electric broker’s energy expertise, so when a retail electric broker offers bad advice, it is the customer who ultimately pays the price.

To ensure that customers who use a retail electric broker have adequate consumer protections, Texas`s state legislature now requires electricity brokers to register with the state Public Utility Commission.

EnerWisely`s unbiased, and data-driven platform is available without cost to Texas households acting on their own behalf. Our free service is not intended for energy brokers (for more information, please visit our Terms of Use page). However, we offer paid subscriptions to Energy Brokers interested in licensing our leading edge proprietary and patented technology to improve their operational efficiency and their confidence on the quality of the advice and level of service offered to their customers.

If you are interested in discussing the benefits of joining our growing network of energy partners, please contact us


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Picture EnerWisely Empowers the Community with Energy Education

While Texas is the nation`s largest polluter in terms of carbon emissions, we can lead the way towards a lower-carbon future. To get there, we need actions to reduce the carbon content in the energy we use and to empower people to consume energy more responsibly.

Energy is crucial in our everyday lives. Our personalized energy Intelligence Platform empowers consumers to make day-to-day, smarter choices. EnerWisely is committed to translating unused data into energy insights that are simple, relatable, and actionable.  We help increase awareness of the impacts of our energy consumption on the planet and the actions within our control. We believe that educating adults and children alike can move us towards a more sustainable future.

We are seeking partners to build an educator`s tool kit and would love to join your education sessions. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us

Community Agencies

Enhance Affordability

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Environmental Stewardship

For us being a good neighbor means contributing to the well-being of the communities where we work and live. We believe that equal access to energy intelligence is critical to sustainable energy abundance and bridging the economic divide.

Energy poverty affects people lacking access to energy and also those who can`t afford to cover basic energy needs. Energy Poverty is a real problem that affects our communities and our neighbors. In the USA, 48 million people live below the poverty line, making them vulnerable to energy poverty.

We are proud to partner with organizations like the Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute (TEPRI). By helping low-income Texans better understand their energy choices, they can take control of their energy futures. In so doing, we are working to stop the cycle of energy inadequacy and improve the lives of all energy consumers in Texas, and ultimately, across the United States and the world.

We partner with citizens and responsible organizations to leverage our combined expertise. By working together, we can make the most significant impact. If you are a community agency interested in serving vulnerable communities experiencing energy affordability challenges, please contact us