Power to Choose

Power to Choose

You have the power, the power to make Smart Energy Choices

In deregulated areas of Texas, you have the power to choose, and your power to choose can mean a lot of things. It can mean that you have the power to better evaluate the different choices that are available to you. It also means that by being able to evaluate these choices, you have the power to make smart energy decisions. You have the power to access and use your own energy data in order to recognize the different ways in which you can consume electricity wisely.

Selecting the Best Cost

To select the best cost, you have to realize the difference between the advertised price per kWh and the real, all-in cost. While the advertised price per kWh might seem low, some plans have fees and rate structures that change depending on the time or amount of electricity consumed. That means that the real cost, or the cost containing all of the components of each plan’s rate, may often turn out to be a lot higher than you the advertised price alone.


With so many choices, how do you select best plans for you?

Energy MatchMaker
is the only data-driven service available to help you find your plan match and all your energy savings. We know that your energy consumption is as unique as you. Our patented technology uses your unused  energy data to create a personalized Energy FingerPrint that takes into account your usage patterns, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. Next, we assess the compatibility between all existing options in our comprehensive utility plans database and your unique Energy FingerPrint to identify and recommend the most optimal plans.

 Whether you’re already in a home or moving into a new one, we have a solution for you. And if you prefer to browse plans on your own, we got you covered too.