Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency is the Real Key to Free Energy

Energy efficiency means using less energy to produce the same result. When a home is “energy-efficient,” it uses less energy than other homes, but it can power the same day-to-day activities. No energy is wasted.

Take light bulbs, for example. Let’s say two light bulbs produce the same amount of light. However, one is more energy-efficient than the other because it requires 20% less energy. By choosing this bulb, a homeowner saves on electricity but still enjoys the same level of brightness.

Improving the energy efficiency of homes brings many advantages. Because these households use less energy, they have lower electrical bills. Moreover, they decrease their greenhouse gas emissions — a positive contribution to the environment.

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The benefits are felt beyond their neighborhood, as well. If every home in Texas becomes energy efficient, we collectively reduce costs on a statewide level and, consequently, reduce the demand for energy. It would make an incredibly positive impact on the environment, too, because of the considerable reduction in carbon emissions.

Although there are countless initiatives to improve energy efficiency in homes and buildings in Texas, many of them require physical audits which might be impractical particularly during the pandemic. That’s why EnerWisely’s on-line energy audit based on your real usage data makes it easier to find ways to improve your energy-efficient. If you live in Texas don’t miss this opportunity.  It is free and you get results within minutes including your home energy score to see how efficient your home is.

Consejos para mejorar la eficiencia energética de tu hogar

Here are a few things that you can do to  improve your home’s energy efficiency & reduce your costs.

You can star by considering a home energy audit. It will help you uncover issues and let you know how to improve.

The first step to raising energy efficiency at home is to find where you are wasting energy. An energy audit will uncover the lapses in your energy use, so you know what to fix.

Assessing your energy use without the proper tools can be tricky, though. You might underestimate your energy efficiency, so it’s best to use a savings calculator that’s programmed to measure the energy consumption in a Texas home.

Our Energy FingerPrint transforms your energy usage patterns into a personalized report that you can use to make smart energy choices. It details your:

✓  Consumption Pattern Breakdown. You can see your energy use broken down by days, weeks, or seasons. You can also see it by category (electronics, lighting, etc.)

✓  Environmental Impact Analysis. You see the tangible effect of your energy use on the environment.

✓  Energy Leaks. You will find where the leaks lie in your home, and you can address them.

Most appliances have a service life of about 10-15 years. As they age, they become less energy efficient. Old HVAC systems, for instance, use more energy than necessary to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Consider replacing your oldest home devices, and go for Energy Star® products. Energy Star® is a government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. If you buy appliances with an Energy Star® label, you can save an average of 30% on energy use, which amounts to about $575 of savings. You also cut your greenhouse gas emissions by about 5,500 lbs.

Your Energy FingerPrint can show you the energy leaks, which will help you identify the least efficient appliances in your home.

About 5% of your household’s energy consumption goes to lighting. It may not sound like a lot, but switching to energy-efficient lighting fixtures goes a long way in reducing your electric bills. In fact, by replacing your home’s five most frequently used fixtures with Energy Star®-labeled models, you can save $45 each year.

Choose from CFLs and LEDs. Because CFLs use less energy, you can recoup the money you spent on them in less than nine months. Meanwhile, LED bulbs slash energy use by 25%.

Your home should be adequately insulated, from the foundation to the roof, to improve your energy efficiency rating. Insulation prevents heat from escaping the house during the cold months and stops hot air from sneaking inside during hot months. As a result, the HVAC system doesn’t have to consume more energy than needed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

The attic is one of the best places to add insulation. Proper insulation is critical to maintain the desired temperature without consuming excessive electricity.

Your energy usage changes over time, which may cause unexpected charges and extra costs. To truly save energy, you need a plan that matches your consumption patterns.

Our Energy MatchMaker employs the same detailed math used in generating bills to find the best electricity plan for you. This tool assesses all the fine-print of the electricity plans in our database, then matches it with your real usage profile. It will recommend plans that deliver the lowest total cost so you can save on energy.

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EnerWisely puede ayudarte a encontrar formas de ahorrar hasta miles de dólares

If your home is energy efficient, you don’t have to pay more than necessary. Our Energy FingerPrint shows you where you can improve your energy use, while our Energy MatchMaker easily finds the best plans for your consumption patterns.

  • Free and Online – Our solutions are free and 100% accomplished online.
  • Secure and Private – We protect our clients’ information, which will never be sold or shared.
  • Powerful Analytics – Your recommendations and reports are based on analytical assessments of your real usage profile.

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