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Every individual’s lifestyle, preferences, and energy aspirations are unique. Our energy consumption depends on multiple factors that change constantly over time, meaning that no two consumers are ever the same. Knowing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, Energy FingerPrint translates your own energy data into a fully personalized energy assessment. 

Energy FingerPrint is the first kind of interactive platform that provides a digital representation of your historical energy consumption, habits, and goals. It takes the Smart Meter infrastructure that’s already there and uses your own energy data to empower you with personalized, actionable insights. By integrating locational data, home characteristics, and behavioral information about you as an energy consumer, Energy FingerPrint helps:

reveal your consumption trends
analyze your leaks and impact
improve your consumption efficiency
reduce your environmental footprint.

It also calculates the areas you’re spending the most in and provides custom recommendations for where and how you can improve. Most importantly, Energy FingerPrint best reflects you. 

Energy FingerPrint empowers you with energy intelligence and allows you to truly understand and track your energy usage like never before. It makes your data work for you in order to get the full picture.

Most people want to save money and energy, and sure, choosing the right electricity plan helps – but only partially. The reality is that your full savings potential goes beyond just choosing the right electricity plan, and Energy MatchMaker is the only service available to help consumers find all the savings hidden in your energy data.

Energy MatchMaker is a customer-centric technological platform that connects energy consumers with retail electric providers, utilities, and energy technology companies. It includes all of the components of the Energy FingerPrint plus plan matching. The MatchMaker assesses the compatibility between all existing plans in our comprehensive utility rates database and your unique Energy FingerPrint to identify and recommend the most optimal plans. Using unbiased analytics and a data-driven proprietary engine, the MatchMaker takes a person’s behavior and usage patterns, lifestyle, preferences, and energy goals into account to generate real comparisons. Along with other details, a matching score will be given for each plan, indicating how good of a fit that plan is for you personally.

Energy MatchMaker also gives people access to valuable insights about their own energy habits, with useful alerts and reports that highlight unusual consumption, reminders to renew plans, and visibility when better options become available. It lets continue your energy journey by allowing you monitor your activity and track your progress as well. Energy MatchMaker helps energy consumers cut through the clutter of competitive rate structures, making it easier to make smarter energy choices that save money, improve efficiency, and advance sustainability.