Energy Data

Energy Data

How it works

What Energy Data Is

Energy data is data that is generated by your very own electrical consumption. Your energy data is the amount of electricity you used and generated during a given time period and belongs to you. It is as unique and your energy consumption and reflects your lifestyle, your preferences, and your home.


How Energy Data is Measured

Energy data is measured by electricity meters in kWh. Amongst all of the meters out there, some of them are smart meters. A smart meter stores your energy data in 15-minute intervals and digitally sends meter readings to your energy supplier. Unlike traditional meters, smart meters measure both total consumption and when the energy was consumed to more accurately capture your consumption information.


What Energy Data is Used For

Until now, your energy data has typically been used only to generate your electricity bill. However, using your energy for just this purpose alone offers very limited value and insight. On top of your bill, your energy data can be used to more accurately calculate what the real cost of any plan you consider would be. It can be used to help you find opportunities to improve consumption efficiency and reduce the emissions generated by your consumption. Knowing that there’s so much value to contribute from people’s energy data, EnerWisely’s patented technology translates your own energy data into personalized energy intelligence in order to make smarter energy choices.