Electricity Providers in Texas

When you’re shopping around for electricity, you should consider every option available to you.

In some places around the US, people have to buy electricity from their designated utility and that’s the only choice available. In others, such as Texas, state governments have opened the market, creating competition and giving consumers the power to choose their electricity provider.

Thanks to this consideration, electric companies in Texas keep adapting to the market and striving to win over potential customers. As a consumer, you have the power to choose electricity providers. But with so many choices, it can be confusing, so the best way to compare electricity plans and rates is to use a free smart shopping tool like EnerWisely’s Energy MatchMaker. In just minutes, you can automatically compare hundreds of electricity plans against on your real usage patterns to identify the ones with the lowest cost.

Traditional Electricity Plans Shopping from Texas Providers

While electricity providers can be very creative with their plans and rates. Traditionally the way to compare and shop has been a one-size-fits-all based mostly on advertised rates. If you want to quickly pick a plan and finish your shopping process then and there, you do have that choice. Just be careful, Electric companies in Texas might surprise you with the small print. You might end up with a skyrocketing Texas size electricity bill, in this case.

For reference, the Average Texas Electric Bill Through Texas is roughly $1,500 annually or about $128 a month. In the cities, it can climb significantly higher. While the average electricity bill in Dallas is only around $133 a month, the average electricity bill in Houston is as high as $155 a month.

Free and Smart Electricity Shopping with Energy MatchMaker

EnerWisely fuses modern power-metering tech, smart analytics, and  partnerships with top electric providers to give consumers unparalleled control over their power. In a few minutes, you can securely access your electricity usage data and see our software conduct a 100% online energy audit and generate a detailed report on your power usage and your savings potential.

From here, you can take steps to eliminate electricity leaks and waste, improve your energy efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint. If you are in the market for electricity plans, you can also pick the plan with the lowest cost based on your unique usage. For your peace of mind, EnerWisely is compliant with DataGuard, we only share your information with the provider of your choice to set up your new service.  But even if you don’t shop your electricity plan through EnerWisely, the energy audit is free. You also get free periodic reports to stay on track and see the progress towards your goals .

The first step to maximize your energy savings is to signup to EnerWisely, it is free. Once you sign up with us, we’ll help you securely access your data and find out where you can save on power.  Most homes and commercial buildings in Texas already have smart meters installed. What the smart meter does is to measure your power usage every few minutes.

Combining your historical usage data with your inputs about lifestyle and goals, EnerWisely  conducts your 100% online energy audit, to generate your personalized Energy Fingerprint and calculate your savings. The Energy Fingerprint takes your data usage information and makes it simple, accessible, and goal-oriented so that anyone can understand it and take action.

You’ll gain insights on how you compare to similar homes in your area, understand your carbon footprint, and much more. The best part is that you don’t have to pay or buy anything to start saving with EnerWisely. And if are curious to know how your current plan compares with other choices available, in just seconds, the Energy Matchmaker will compare versus hundreds of plans in our database to show if you are missing out in extra savings.

Finding the lowest cost electricity plan based on your real usage patterns  is quick, easy, and FREE with Energy Matchmaker. You can shop with the peace of mind of having analyzed the small print in all of the plans and Electricity providers in our database against your unique consumption profile. Energy Matchmaker’s powerful algorithm is driven by your goals. Whether it is saving money, reducing your carbon emissions, evaluate providers official PUCT’s ratings, or all of the above. And don’t take our word for it. You will get matching scores reflecting the compatibility between each plan, your goals and your Energy FingerPrint.

With Energy MatchMaker you can enjoy the peace of mind of making the right choice based on an unprecedented level of analysis and transparency. With EnerWisely, your Power to Choose really gets smarter!

Big goals start with small steps so keep an eye and celebrate your progress. Log back into your account and access your Dashboard anytime. Enjoy your periodic reports and see how your energy usage, carbon emissions, leaks, and savings compare between periods. And as changes happen with your lifestyle or usage patterns, make sure to check for new plans ans savings opportunities. Knowledge is your most powerful tool to save money, and your EnerWisely dashboard keeps it all at your fingertips.


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How You’ll Save with EnerWisely

When you use Enerwisely, you’ll enjoy more types of important savings. You’ll identify leaks or inefficiencies that cost you money. You can rest easy knowing that your decreased power usage is helping reduce your carbon footprint. And you can also find the most suitable plan from top Texas Electricity Providers. In Texas, the power to choose is yours, move beyond partial savings. Get all your savings with EnerWisely:

• Eliminate Leaks

• Energy Efficiency Savings

Environmental Savings

• Electricity Plan Savings

A good partner for Homeowners and Electricity Providers

EnerWisely is available in English and Spanish. Homeowners can enjoy our full suite of energy, environmental and monetary saving services free of charge. The Energy MatchMaker market place is open for all Texas Electricity providers committed to empowering energy consumers. Through this powerful connection,  electricity providers can harness the power of real usage data to craft their best deals for their existing and new customers.